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When you work out- It is OK to sweat

It is OK to sweat when you work out

It is OK to sweat when you work out

This weekend I attended a fitness event in Sydney by the gorgeous Ashy Bines. 3000 girls under a dome. 45 mins of fist pumping, leg raising, squat sitting and tonnes of energy. And guess what? When you work out, it is OK to sweat wearing a natural deodorant!

Are you blocking your sweat glands?

But then I started to ask myself how many of those 3000 girls are blocking their sweat glands with chemicals promised to keep them dry? Working out, pumping blood through your body and feeling your heart thumping is a perfect time to get sweaty but not stinky! Absolutley!  Sweating in your crop top with beads of determination dripping down your face as your legs burn, is giving you permission to sweat- Isn’t it? My answer: It is OK to Sweat. Most of all, it is the best thing you can allow yourself to do. Fresca natural deodorants don’t block your sweat glands with our salt base formula.

Cool your body temperature

I had the pleasure of talking to so many women after the event about Fresca Natural deodorants and the importance of allowing your body to COOL down as you raise your body temperature. It is OK to sweat. Seriously. My base formula scares away the smell from your armpits! It allows your body to cool as it perspires, detoxes and regulates your body temperature. If you are into clean eating, exercise and wanting the best from your body, then you need to think about how your body sweats, cools down and keeps you healthy.

Essential oils help fight bacteria

Fresca deodorants are packed full of essential oils that give you a gorgeous fragrance to suit your mood, lift your spirits and have powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too. This is especially important as your body detoxes with the perspiration that is sent out through your sweat glands, especially under your armpits.

When you work out

And finally, I hope all the new girls I met this weekend will continue to give their bodies a chance to sweat it out, when they work out, naturally. I would be so excited if every body made the switch to natural aluminium free deodorants- your body will be cooler and healthier with no chemicals and I will feel so happy that you have done the right thing for yourself.

You can read more about the benefits of wearing aluminum free deodorant at You can buy our deodorants from a list of retailers on our website or through our online shop.

Take care of your body girls because you only get one!


Elda xox



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