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Sweat Stains: What Causes Them and How to Avoid Them

Have you ever checked yourself in the mirror before leaving the house, only to to notice those pesky yellow sweat stains under your armpits? If so, be glad you noticed before leaving. Nothing ruins an outfit more than the I’ve-just-run-a-marathon look, especially if you’re going to a fancy event or even just to work. No one feels comfortable teaching a class or giving a presentation while worrying about lifting your arms and revealing embarrassing sweat stains. So where do those sweat stains come from?

Why Commercial Antiperspirants Cause Sweat Stains

We’ve all had moments when we wanted to keep our arms clamped down to hide sweat stains and unpleasant underarm odours. But did you know that sweat itself isn’t the culprit of the yellow patches? Believe it or not, sweat is naturally both odourless and colourless. However, when sweat comes into contact with a common commercial antiperspirant ingredient, it ignites a reaction that causes those dreaded yellow sweat stains. And those suckers are tough to get out!

The ingredient that causes sweat stains is an aluminium-based compound found in most commercial antiperspirants. That’s right—if you’re using conventional deodorants, you’re applying a form of aluminium to your underarms. These deodorants work by temporarily plugging your sweat ducts, so your body isn’t able to release the all of toxins naturally expelled by sweating. The sweat can get trapped in your glands, and that’s where all the troubles start. The yellow sweat stains happen when your sweat reacts to the aluminium.

Your Body’s Natural Detox Function

Sweating in and of itself isn’t a bad thing; it’s your body’s way of cleaning itself out and cooling off. Detoxing is a natural and necessary process to maintain optimum health, so you don’t want to suppress this mechanism in your body. Just like every other function of our bodies, sweating has a specific purpose.

But why does sweat seem to smell bad? Sweat’s apparently unpleasant odour is actually caused by bacteria that festers in warm, moist environments. Commercial antiperspirants prevent that odour by keeping the underarms dry and preventing the growth of smell-producing bacteria.

So commercial antiperspirants plug your sweat ducts, what happens to the sweat? Sweat can’t get out, trapping toxins in your body. Plus, while they can prevent perspiration, researchers have linked aluminium-based deodorants to breast cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease. Sure, you’d like to avoid wet and smelly underarms, but at what cost? The aluminium-laced “solution” to the odour and sweat problem may cause issues that are far worse than sweat stains.


A Safe, Healthy, and Stain-Free Alternative

That’s where Fresca Natural deodorants come in. Our all-natural, aluminium-free deodorants allow your armpits to breathe and release toxins in a healthy way. Our deodorants minimize underarm scents with a whole host of natural salts and essential oil ingredients that prevent the growth of smelly bacteria. Without smelly bacteria, your sweat won’t smell! Over time, you’ll even find that your underarms will produce less sweat. Without duct-blocking aluminium-based compounds, your sweat ducts will naturally regulate themselves to a healthy level.

Fresca Natural deodorants use safe ingredients to keep your body healthy and your clothes stain-free. And since we never use aluminium (or any other harmful ingredients), there’s no need to worry about yellow pit stains! If you swap out commercial aluminium-based deodorants for our natural alternatives, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and headache while avoiding harmful toxins.

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