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Tips For Getting Fit After Easter

Often we head into January full of spirit. We’ve got our resolutions all set out and we’re ready to tackle some goals, but by the time March is over, Easter eggs all gobbled up, all our good intentions seem like a distant memory. Want to know a secret, though? There is no time better than today to start your fitness journey! Trust us, if you can push through and get fit, not only will you change physically, but mentally as well. Looking for some tips for getting fit? Say hello to some major inspiration and motivation!


If you’re tired of feeling sluggish and out of shape, here are our four best tips for getting fit post new year:


1) Start slow

One of the biggest downfalls people make when starting a fitness journey is they jump in head first. They tell themselves they’re going to get fit and do way too much, way too soon, leading to burn out.


Instead of completely overhauling your diet and committing yourself to the gym on a daily basis, start slow. Have a salad for lunch instead of your usual sandwich. Go for a long walk at night instead of watching TV. Drink more water. Starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle does not have to mean totally overhauling your life in one day. Gradually make improvements, and you’ll likely find the whole journey much less overwhelming and more manageable.


2) Find the joy

How many times have you told yourself you just don’t enjoy exercising? If you’re struggling to get fit, you’ve probably told yourself this on multiple occasions. But here’s the thing: perhaps you just haven’t found a type of exercise you enjoy.


Not everyone loves lifting weights or hops up on the treadmill with enthusiasm. Perhaps taking a group fitness class is more your style! Have you ever considered yoga? There are so many ways you can get your dose of exercise endorphins. Think outside the box and focus on an activity you actually enjoy. Taking pleasure in your exercise routine will make sticking with your goals so much easier.


3) Focus on diet

It’s a fairly common misconception that people believe if they go to the gym, they’re automatically healthy. And, while yes, exercise is a major component in your healthy lifestyle, it’s even more important that you’re properly fueling your body with a balanced and nutritious diet.


We’re all different in terms of what diet best suits our lifestyle. Regardless, though, we all know highly processed, sugary foods are not part of a well balanced diet. Swap the soft drinks for water. Snack on carrots with hummus instead of lollies. Prepare more food instead of going through the drive-through. You don’t have to change your entire diet in one day, but if you at least start paying attention to it, getting fit becomes a lot more doable.


4) Treat yourself

No, treat yourself doesn’t mean reaching into the snack drawer for your favorite bag of chips. In this scenario, treating yourself means taking care of your body physically. With all this newly discovered exercise in your life, your muscles and joints are likely feeling the strain. Show them some love with a natural massage oil. By massaging your muscles with natural oils, you’ll stimulate the tissue with anti-inflammatory properties, and bring fresh oxygen to the overworked muscles. Not to mention, the calming scents natural oils emit will help you feel more relaxed in general. Treat yourself with some aromatherapy, and we guarantee those overworked muscles will be thanking you.


Do these tips seem manageable? They should! Getting fit does not have to be a heavy burden. If you’ve strayed from your resolutions, or you never had them to begin with, it’s time to stop beating yourself up for it. Instead, start giving yourself some love.

Are you ready for a healthier, happier you?

Do you have any tips for getting fit? Let us know in the comments!

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