Pure and natural aromatherapy par-fums (Concentrate 35% essential oils.) Bespoke fragrances of essential oils personally blended by Elda Kingston for an array of aromatherapy benefits. Loving the high vibration energy of these fragrances, your senses will respond to the magical mystery of her chosen essential oils. Excite and awaken! Or calm and connect with these enchanting fragrances.  Elda is changing the way people think of fragrances. Switch to the purely natural plant, petal, bark, peel and root fragrances that she cleverly develops to awaken the mystery of the real and subconscious. Elda has created premium parfums of mystical lotus, romantic rose otto and earthen sandalwood, alongside every day wearing fragrances with uplifting notes of citrus, spruce and juniperberry to clear, balance and calm the mind, body and spirit. 
Protected in 10ml glass roll on parfum bottles that creates the magic. No waste, only an intimate application on your pulse points. 
 No synthetics, no alcohol, not tested on animals, vegan friendly and no palm oil.

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