Jacqui Lamplugh,
Naturopath, Women’s Health and Fertility, Western Australia

I have been using Fresca Natural deodorants now for over 7 years! It’s the only deodorant that works for me. With no endocrine disrupting chemicals, they’re totally safe and really great for your hormones. I love this product, it’s my personal choice.

Perthupmarket Testimonials November, 2021

Sibel's natural deodorant testimonial Perthupmarket
I’ve been using Fresca deodorant for three year now. After my second child, I really smelt. I couldn’t use Nivea or any supermarket deodorant. I always feel fresh and love that it is natural.

(Purchased Wild Lavender deodorant)

Sibel Perthupmarket November 2021
Lisa's natural deodorant testimonial Perthupmarket
I’m now a true believer of Fresca Natural deodorant. It is wonderful as it lasts for the whole day and now I’m totally addicted. Fresca Natural Deodorant forever!!!

(Purchased Wild Lavender and Jaisara deodorants.)

Lisa Perthupmarket

2020 Customer Feedback

I’ve received my order – thanks so much!

This is the only deodorant I’ve ever found that’s effective but doesn’t irritate my underarms. I’m so happy you send overseas now that we’ve moved to England!

I was a loyal purchaser in Aus; I ordered direct from you initially, but once I found you were stocked in my local organic store and on Nourished Life, I would bundle Fresca into my other purchases. I brought a bulk load with me when we moved in December and have just run out – so was really impressed with how quickly it got to me!

Thanks again. You have a super product and I hope it continues to go from strength to strength.

Kindest wishes,

Angela Snowden United Kingdom, Oct 2020
I have been using Fresca deodorant for a couple of years now. I had been searching for a natural deodorant and had wasted money trying different brands that either didn’t work, smelled awful or were too pasty. I’m glad I finally found Fresca, it is all natural and actually works. I’ve bought several different scents to try over the years and they all smell great and aren’t overpowering at all. Its roll on design goes on just like the old brands I was used to . I don’t mind that it costs a little more than regular supermarket type deodorants. I’m happy to pay for a quality, natural product that works, lasts for ages and also supports an Australian business.


JNP productreview.com.a , July 2020
I’m delighted with this product for every day usage. Its clean and crisp and fresh and does not burn my skin or make my arm pits sore.

My adult son, with awful body odor, was transformed when I insisted he put some on as we drove to the airport. Immediately there was no odor and that was some achievement. So much so, that I sent him about 4 different smelling bottles in Victoria, to be sure he used it! Because eww, men who imagine body odor is sexy for everyone are simply wrong! Well done Fresca – Happy returning customer

Fiona King Feb 2020
Hi, I ordered these recently and adore them!! I’m ordering for a friend as a gift so the packaging with the cards would be great! Thank you. Congrats on a lovely natural products!
Lisa B New South Wales, May 2020
I want to start of by saying I love Fresca deodorant, it’s amazing. I’ve been using it now for over 2 years, and it works really well, smells amazing, good for our bodies, and it’s vegan! So thank you.
Nadia Via email, May 2020
Love your product so much!  My daughter is getting older now and needs deodorant and I only trust Fresca Natural with her delicate, young skin. I hope you are all staying healthy and safe.

Happy Friday, Penny

Penny Kostaras California, USA, May 2020
I have been using your deodorants for a couple of years now. They are the best I have ever used. I’m looking forward to trying your Elixir. Congratulations on your award.
Julie W. Tasmania, Feb 2020

2019 Happy Customers

Why I love your deodorant…
Its pretty simple really – it is the only natural deodorant I have tried that actually works!  The scents all smell amazing.  The deodorant doesn’t give me a rash like many do.  It doesn’t stop me from sweating (which is a good thing!) but it keeps me smelling fresh (and after the initial couple of weeks detox period I really stopped sweating as much as I used to from my underarms!).

I really like your product, it is a great brand and I love the ingredients list. Thank you for making such a great product!
Kind regards,
Jodie Stewart.

Jodie Steward Oct 2019
Hello Elda,
Thank you so much for the little bag that came with my deodorants today!  It was a real surprise and I will definitely use it. And thanks for your amazing deodorant, which I have been using for many years now.

All the best to you,
Regards, Hilke Ppiros

Hilke Ppiros Sept 2019
Hi, just wanted to say that I don’t take advantage of your specials because I am happy to buy your very good deodorant from Varga in Dunsborough, as I think it’s important to support a local.  I am always happy to tell others how good it is & where they can buy it.
Regards Joy
Joy 20 June 2019
I have been wearing Fresca Natural deodorants for years now. They are wonderful products and I wouldn’t use anything else.
Besharl May 2019
Thank you also for your products. I am allergic to some additives to skin products and get allergy rash under my arms from some deodorants. I have no reaction to your deodorant and it is great to have a product that doesn’t clog my skin . I like also the subtle fragrances.
Cheers Peter
Peter Cook Feb 2019

2018 Fresca Natural Fans

NB: In response to Sonia Donaldson- New Age Mum Post (https://naturalnewagemum.com/the-ultimate-guide-to-natural-deodorants/)

Hey Sonia! just wanted to say thanks for the Natural Deodorant post recently! Based on that I ordered some Fresca ones (the wood spice… mmmm divine!). I wore it today,… usually on my work days, I end up feeling stinky by the end of the day lol but NOT TODAY! So fresh, haha. Could not believe how well it worked 🙂 And love the essential oils included. thanks!

Kate Jennings 21 August 2018
Hi Elda,
Just wanted to congratulate you on Fresca deodorants – such an incredible product. I was made aware of the brand in one of the interviews in Tim Ferriss’ Tools for Titans & wholeheartedly agree: it’s the only natural deodorant that works!

Thanks again ?

Very best,Rudi

Rudi Haig Twickenham, United Kindom, June 2018
Thank you so much! My partner and I have been using the citrus deodorant for about 5 years now and won’t use anything else.

I only use ethical products so to find this is made in Australia and is cruelty and palm oil free is wonderful.

I do gardening jobs and even in summer on 45deg days there is no body odour. I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day with a lovely fresh citrus smell.

I have never had a reaction to it, unlike normal commercial roll on deodorants.

I buy 6 rolls at a time and they last both of us about 6-7 months, great value for a wonderful product!

Christina Faull Victoria, Australia, June 2018
I purchased a double pack of the citrus deodorant, one for me and one for a friend. I was looking for a natural safe deodorant that works. I am a very heavy sweater and Sick of antiperspirants not working and being too potent and making me smell worse. After trying this deodorant once, I was very surprised not to be smelling at all after one application in the morning and feeling comfortable all day. Also received a personalised hand written note on my receipt from Elda Kingston. Love love love the product. Well done. Glad to finally find a product that works. And thank you for the free sample of hydraskin elixir. Xx
Catherine Owers Victoria, Australia, June 2018
Also, just wanted to congratulate you on Fresca deodorants – such an incredible product. I was made aware of the brand in one of the interviews in Tim Ferriss’ Tools for Titans & wholeheartedly agree: it’s the only natural deodorant that works!
Rudi Haig UK, June 2018
Recent tests showed I have a very high level of aluminium so I started looking for a natural deoderant that prevented/covered body odour and stopped excessive moisture. To date I have spent in the vicinity of $100 trying all these “highly recommended” products – none of them worked. I was really frustrated. I don’t remember how I stumbled across Fresca but low and behold – it does actually work! I have to say I didn’t expect it to so I’ve been really pleasantly surprised.I definitely be ordering your product again.

Well done.

Alexandria Bernard Via Email, June 2018
I have received them and they smell devine so can’t wait to use them.
Also wanted to give feed back that the process was excellent. Fast delivery time, very informative about where and how the items were travelling and accurate about when they had arrived!

Great service and so pleased to support a local, natural therapy business.

Gail Endersby Glen Forrest, Western Australia, Australia, May 2018
Dear Elda,

I was recently given your wooden spice deodorant as part of my birthday gift.
As an aromatherapist I have never used any deodorants containing aluminium and have used the Sandalwood natural deodorant from Mt Romance in WA for many years.

I am so pleasantly surprised that your deodorant has the least number of chemical additives and I only need one application a day. It is non -sticky , dries quickly and does not leave stain marks on clothing. I live in a very hot and humid climate in Central Queensland and usually require several applications per day.

Congratulations on “the magic formula” Somebody has actually got it right.

I have recently bought a large number of your deodorants as they really are that good. I look forward to trying more of your products.


Jillian Roscare

Jillian Roscarel Queensland, February 2018
Hi Elda,

Just want to say “thank you” for your hard work and production of such an amazing product that actually does do what it claims to do.
I developed breast cancer nine years ago, and in those past nine years, I’ve been searching for a chemical free deodorant that works.
I’ve tried numerous so called natural deodorants, spent many $$$, and wasted lots of products.

As I work in the health care industry, and work with many people, I was not prepared to “smell” for the sake of using a chemical free deodorant, no matter how important it was to me, I just could not risk smelling at work.

I recently stumbled across Fresca whilst browsing on Nourishedlife website – so thought I’d have one more shot using a chemical free deodorant.
And how glad I am too – Fresca works, smells gorgeous, love the roller ball bottle – it’s so cute – and it’s ethical which is also a major consideration for me when buying toiletries & cosmetics.

I’m using two at the moment, the Rose which is lovely, and the Jaisara which is gorgeous.
So thank you, and I’ll be certainly spreading the word about Fresca !

Kind regards, Ali.

Ali via email, February 2018

2017 Loyal Customers

Thank you for your wonderful products, they work very well, smell lovely and best of all are chemical free.
Pauline Poustie West Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, December 2017
This testimonial is long overdue which I apologise for. I have been using your deodorants since October 2012 when I came across you in Hillary’s Boatyard. I love everything about this product and although live in UK, get them sent over by a great online service! I started on citrus which I still love, but my favourite at the moment is rose. I just love that they are 100% natural and aluminium free, don’t irritate the skin and work beautifully. It’s also lovely to get your wee notes with my orders Elda which make my day. Keep up the good work.
Gail Hobkirk Kelso, Scotland, United Kingdom, December 2017
I have always used a natural deodorant however I had some misgivings as to the products being true. I am confident that your products are legitimate because my daughter purchased a deodorant and spoke with you personally at a venue.
Survey Respondent Female 55+, November 2017
Dear Fresca,
I have been meaning to contact you for weeks now to thank you for sending me my order in such good time – it was much appreciated. I have been using Fresca deodorant for some time now but have bought it at retail outlets when I’ve been able to. I then decided to purchase online instead and I’m glad I did. Your prompt dispatch of my order was great and the packing of the order in the little bags were just lovely and I like the serum that you sent a sample of also. Thank you so much! And I love the fragrance that I ordered – it’s very exotic and mysterious!
My husband and I use the deodorants and are really happy with them – I went for them because they were natural and also because they are cruelty free and made locally here in WA. They tick all the boxes!! Keep up the good work, your products are terrific!
Wendy Thornton Port Kennedy, Western Australia, Australia, November 2017
I love your deodorant, It works better than anything else I’ve tried.
Margaret Simon Cairns, Queensland, Australia, October 2017
Hi, I recently bought the citrus fresh deodorant. I absolutely love it, I don’t smell at all!
Sarah September 2017
I found out about Fresca Natural from the trial and error method. Nothing else worked as well.
Survey Respondent Female 55+, September 2017
We are loyal users of your products, including the Wooden Spice. I alternate it with the Ocean and really feel both are great scents for men. They last all day and do not lead to any irritation or reaction, as many deodorants have for me over the years.

Thanks again for making a great product.

Ben Aiken Asheville, North Carolina, USA, August 2017
I know that it is important to have an aluminium and alcohol free deodorant. I developed a rash recently and that’s what started my internet search and found Fresca Natural to be the best choice according to product description. I have started using it and I am very pleased!
Survey Respondent August 2017
I received my order today already.
Thank you for the amazing service & fantastic product. Your deodorant is the best on the market by far. I love the Unscented version which I can use with other scented products & the Valley Rose scent which is beautiful. Thanks for the bonus pen with this order too.
Mel Poett Denmark, Western Australia, Australia, August 2017
Love Fresca Natural.
@purehomebody Instagram, August 2017
The best DEO I’ve EVER used in Lavender scent 🙂
@futch77 Instagram, August 2017
Love your products.
@luminessence_fragrances Instagram, August 2017
Love LOVE your deodorants… and your personal service. I mean, a hand written thank you note?! Products are perfect for my whole family & especially for my young son – natural is best!
Narelle Haralambous Facebook, July 2017
I visited the Fresca Natural market stall at Hillarys Boat Harbour around 2009/2010 where I think I bought the Wild Lavender and Valley Rose deodorants and started using these. I have been using these ever since. I did use one I bought from the supermarket when I ran out in between orders and couldn’t wait for my order to arrive as it caused irritation. I will never go back to using deodorants from the supermarket so I ensure I stock up now. My teenage daughter has also started using Fresca Natural and loves it too! Thanks Elda for making such a fantastic natural product!
Ann Bayliss Facebook, July 2017
Order arrived today! Thank you for my lovely deodorants… looking forward to trying Wooden Spice and Ocean in a couple of months time when bubba 2 is on the outside. #longtimeuser they smell amazing!

(Note: Citrus Fresh is pregnancy safe.)

Hannah Botsford Facebook, July 2017
I live in Scotland and I have just received my latest order of Fresca Deodorant. It is the best deodorant I have ever used and there is nothing comparable in the UK. My husband and daughter are also converts! Thank you so much Elda for shipping all the way from Australia.
Jane Collinson Facebook, July 2017
A great product, superior to any other product like this I have tried. I re apply sometimes after gym but would do that with any deodorant.
Amanda Cox Survey Response, July 2017
The best ‘Natural’ Deo I have found and believe me I have tried and tested lots.
Ruth Evans Facebook, July 2017
Fresca Natural has a beautiful range of natural deodorants.. Unscented is my personal favourite and it works so well! Babies can recognise the scent of their mothers from birth, so I encourage new mummas to use natural, unscented products, especially during early bonding and feeding.
Mumma Health + Wellness Instagram, May 2017
I absolutely love these deodorants. I have been using them for quite a while now and love the fragrances and the fact they last all day. 🙂
Steph Felstead Facebook, May 2017
I get itchy under my arms when I use normal deodorant for a few days in a row, you deodorant relieves that itch and still covers me. I only use the other type every now and then.
Survey Respondent May 2017
Thanks again for a rapid delivery. Having used this natural deodorant for 2 years now, I will not go back to any other. It survives hot summers and dance classes. It doesn’t overpower my other perfumes and is long lasting. I tend to order in 3’s, not just because delivery is free, but because I have a choice.
Siobhan Rothsey Facebook, April 2017
Ok ..this is the BEST deodorant on earth …hands down. I have been searching for this level of natural odour protection for about 20 years….you name it I’ve tried it and sadly due to my dislike of odour I have always returned to the supermarket spray..(which to be honest does not completely eliminate odour but was better than any other alternative…..UNTIL now..).

About a month ago, by chance, I stumbled across your website and after reading all the amazing reviews, I ordered your Jaisara and Citrus Fresh. Neither of these actually smell like anything on my armpits….and that is what I LOVE …..MY ARMPITS SMELL LIKE NOTHING ALL DAY….NOTHING …no body odour, no fragrance….nothing …I LOVE that my armpits smell like NOTHING…just clean and fresh. I am in love with this product! And an sooooo happy I have found a natural deodorant that works for my girls to use once puberty hits.

Thank you so much for this amazing product … I am now ordering some for my husband too.

Robyn Bogoevski Facebook April 2017
I have just received my latest supply of Fresca products. Delivery is always amazingly quick; Elda confirms receipt of your order (and any notes you may have made) and the whole process of ordering online is very easy. On top of that the products themselves are fabulous. My favourite deodorant is the Valley Rose, which apart from being incredibly effective at ensuring any body odour doesn’t stink (!), smells divine.

I have just bought a facial serum hydraskin elixir for a friend who is very much into natural products, and I know she will love it! Wearing this product myself, I have had people comment on how nice I smell, and it’s because of the essential oils in the elixir! Thanks, Elda, for great products that don’t damage us from the inside out!

Elspeth Kelmscott, Western Australia, Australia, April 2017
Congrats Elda! Such a beautiful product and an inspirational story behind it. Keep up the amazing work.
Cathy Beswick-Davison Facebook, April 2017
Thank you for making such a fantastic product that allows people to make a choice about reducing the chemical load on their bodies!
Jessica Sal Facebook, April 2017
Congratulations Elda! Much deserved! You make an incredible product!!! I love that I can use an all natural deo that actually has other health benefits!!!
Rebecca Tilbrook Facebook, April 2017
I can remember several years back trialing a sample of your deodorant… on a 40 something degree day I moved so many bricks I lost count, sweaty and grubby at the end of the day da pits were still as sweet as the morning!

I have been a convert ever since!
Amazing product by an amazing woman!

Fiona Pagano Facebook, April 2017
Hi there,
I saw you guys on Today Tonight tonight, little did I know I was supporting a home business when I placed my order yesterday. How amazing!
Well done and I’m so excited to try your product as I am changing my deodorant from aluminum based purchased from Coles as I’ve been getting blocked sweat glands under my arms, so I’m hoping this helps with that.
Best of luck with your ventures.
Kara Perth, Australia, April 2017
I am obsessed with Fresca Natural just reordered my two faves.
@marycutsuridis Instagram, April 2017
Great product! Best natural deodorant I have tried and keeps away that nasty odour. Nice variety of scents to choose from.
Survey Respondent April 2017
Best underarm product ever.
Judy Merritt Facebook, March 2017
I recommend this product to so many people and there is no way I would use any other deodorant.
Jenna Mountain Creek, Queensland, Australia, March 2017
To try and cut down the amount of chemicals I’m putting on my skin. After many years and much expense, yours is the only one that’s worked for me and I LOVE IT!! I’m now busy converting my partner to the wonders of Fresca! Keep up the great work!
Survey Respondent March 2017
Hi Elda,

I was glad I come across your product. I was also trying to buy online for my deodorant but it was out of stock so I decided to look for alternative. Hence, I found your website and read all the positive reviews. Also, I was thinking since it’s all 100% natural it won’t darken my armpit which is now my problem of using so many different kind of deodorants.

Fresca deodorant is really amazing it’s my first time in my entire life to use a deodorant that at the end of the day I don’t smell anything even if during the day I am sweating in my armpit and it feels dry, too. Unlike other deodorants which feels sticky and itchy in the armpit. I’m loving it and would recommend for my children and family.

Thanks for including a sample of elixir I think I like it, too. I’ll be ordering soon.

Kind regards,

Andrea V Auckland, New Zealand, March 2017
Hi Fresca Team!

I met you at the Ashy Bines event in Sydney on the weekend and loved the smell of the Valley Rose so I bought one. Well I am totally blown away with how well it works! I have been to the gym twice since and it keeps me odour free! I’m getting another one for my friend to get her onto this amazing product. You said it would work. It sure does!

Thank you so much. I am now using all chemical free products on my body. Deodorant was the last thing that I had been searching for. You ladies rock!

Giselle Ashy Bines Squad Tour, Sydney, Australia, March 2017
I tell everyone here in Noosa Heads about your lavender deo. Best I’ve ever come across and I’ve used most 🙂
Farrah Noosa Heads, Queensland, Australia, March 2017
I absolutely love you deodorant! I have only started using it in the last few weeks and it is incredible. I used to get massive red and inflamed sores under my arms. So far this has not occurred and I would love to say thank you!

I am really excited to try the other scents that you have at the moment I am using wild lavender and it has nearly finished :(.

Thanks so much again for making this wonderful product that has cured my issue for now and I hope it stays cured! I hope to hear from you real soon.

Carina B Katanning, Western Australia, Australia February 2017
I used to order your deodorant online from Nourished Life, but they were completely sold out recently, so I shopped direct from your website. I love to use the lavender for myself and my husband uses the sandalwood. We have both struggled for years with allergies and sensitivities to other brands of deodorant so i decided to try a natural product.

Fresca was the second brand I tried and it is incredible! Smells amazing and actually works! Thank you for making such a fantastic product!

Katie Beesley Facebook, January 2017

2016 Thank you reviews

Thanks for your prompt delivery service. I’ve been using your Wild Lavender fragrance deodorant for about 5 years & love that you’ll tweek one bottle for my outdoor work. Congratulations on your 6th year in business.
Catherine Keet Facebook, December 2016
So far online shopping has been great with your products.It’s easy and I know the products will always arrive on time. Many thanks and keep up with the great work! 🙂
Karin W Malaysia, December 2016
I have tried your ocean fresh deodorant (which I bought locally on Mornington Peninsula, Vic) and it is terrific. It’s the first natural one I have found which doesn’t leave marks on my clothing and lasts all day. I will continue to purchase for myself and my husband.
Carolyn O Victoria, Australia July 2016
I have purchased the citrus deodorant through your website before and LOVED it. When I ran out a while ago I just didn’t bother to re-order and have been using some regular antiperspirant just to test it out. It burned by underarms just like it used to and this made me realise how much I truly appreciate your product. Being a bit sweaty is worth it! By far the best natural deodorant I have ever used (and I’ve tried many over the years, including making my own). Thanks so much for such an awesome product. I think I first found out about Fresca through a Google search when I first moved to Australia. I have been interested in swapping to natural products (only where they actually work) for many years, first when I lived in London because prices were very reasonable. I was diagnosed with Lupus and began a journey to rid myself of unnecessary toxins. However, first and foremost the product must work (with deodorant I don’t mind sweating because that is what the body is designed to do and natural deodorants make no claims to stop perspiration so that’s not an expectation for me). When I was younger I don’t think I would have liked the sweating (priorities change as you age!). I like a product that won’t burn my skin and doesn’t need reapplication throughout the day. Yours is the only one that has met that last requirement for me.
Kelly V Melbourne, Victoria June 2016
I love your deodorant and won’t use anything else. My partner uses it too and it stopped him getting ‘man sweat smell’ even after long work days. It is so clean and fresh.
Christina F Toolern Vale, Victoria June 2016
Hi, heard about your product from a friend. She had purchased 3 and graciously gave me one. It works better than anything else I’ve ever tried so had to order more.
Susan K Colorado, US, June 2016
For many years I wanted to find and use a deodorant that was aluminium free but was effective. Many hours were spent on the Internet researching products and reading numerous reviews. I believe I’ve tried just about all the deodorants that were available. I found only two that were worthy of using again one was manufactured in USA and Fresca was AUS. Both were similar price. In the end it was an easy decision…go with the local product. Fresca really works for me and smells great as well. With four different scents for men I won’t run out of choice any time soon. I will be using Fresca for many years to come.
Mark N Niddrie, Victoria, June 2016
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the deodorants…. I’ve just bought my first one, and I’m totally hooked, it’s absolutely fabulous I have no complaints, have also just lent it to my daughter to try, and after one go she is also hooked, she found she was smelly free, and one of the best things was her clothes didn’t take on that normal deodorant smell. So I am just off to order some more, and also a bottle of the oil to try, after you very kindly sent me a sample, also looking forward to great results from that, thanks again, and keep up the wonderful work! The other thing I wanted to mention, was my experience of using your deodorant, I used it in the morning at 6am, worked all day, did a 6pm bikram yoga class, came home, did the sniff test, and still not smelly, that is amazing.
Louise W The Rocks, New South Wales May 2016
I used Rexona deodorant for as long as I can remember. About two years ago, I really started to listen to my body and take note. My body did not like having aluminium products on it (and in it), nor did it really work. It was just covering up any scent and in fact making body odour much worse by just blocking my pores. I tested out many different natural deodorants such as Divine by Therease Kerr amongst others. None of them worked. One day I really got into searching for the perfect deodorant and came across Fresca. I thought to myself, I need to give this brand a try. They have won awards for it so I may as well. Fresca truly changed my life. When I wake up and go to bed at night, I feel clean. I used to feel sluggish, dirty and like I was suffocating (literally – the sprays used to suffocate me) when I used Rexona. When I use Fresca everyday, I feel like I am doing much more than just stopping body odour. I know that the essential oils are uplifting me, because I feel it. Not once since I have used Fresca, have I had any bad body odour. I will honestly say that there is no natural deodorant in the market that is as effective as Fresca is. I knew that it changed my life, so I got my mother and brother onto it and they LOVE it. Now onto my two other sisters and father… This last order has been the first time ordering on the new website and it was a breeze. I am very happy with the customer service. It is also very nice to have a hand written message with the orders. I do love the convenience of shopping online – especially with the free shipping. If the free shipping wasn’t offered then I would probably head into a retail store. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Chantal R Campsie, New South Wales January 2016
My girlfriend purchased from the Upmarket and recommended it. So when I visited the next Upmarket I purchased my own, tested it and am thrilled it is everything I want in a deodorant.
Lynn W Perth, Western Australia January 2016

2015 Customer Feedback

Yes this product always has met my expectations; I will never use anything else! I first started using this deodorant about three years ago when I purchased some from my naturopath; I have sensitive skin and found that standard chemical deodorants either gave me a rash or simply did not work, so going natural has been important to me. Generally it lasts me all day, occasionally I do need to reapply, more so in the hotter weather. I found ordering online really convenient and have ordered a few times but this is the first time I have set up an account. And yes I do like your new website!! It looks good and is easy to use. I found ordering online really convenient and have ordered a few times but this is the first time I have set up an account. And I do like your new website!! It looks good and is easy to use.
Amye W Shelley, Western Australia october 2015
My whole family is now using your deodorant. My 89 year old mother thinks it is wonderful as does my daughter and husband. We won’t use anything else.
Lynlea P. Mahogany Creek, Western Australia, May 2015
Just wanting to let you know that I’m happy with the deodorant (ocean scent) that i recently purchased. It actually works better than the supermarket antiperspirant deodorants. Thanks for a good product. I wasn’t expecting it to work as well as it does. Thanks. Janice
Janice D Australia, January 2015
I saw an ad for Fresca in Australian Gluten-Free Life magazine and thought I would try it. I have spent the past 2 years slowly replacing all chemical laden food and personal products in my house with natural alternatives and was yet to find a deodorant that actually lasted all day. I have only been using it for a few weeks, but I already think your product is amazing, smells great and lasts all day. Thank you for making such a great product.
Tanya T Leeming, Western Australia January 2015
I think the first time I heard about you was through the website where I order my organic vegies. I did not order straight away because I had tried natural deodorants in the past (maybe 4 of them) and had been fairly disappointed. So I went through a little bit of research and only found glorious reviews about your deodorant. I never thought I was a heavy sweater until I tried to switch to natural deodorants. After trying three different brands (the one I’m most fed up with is one that stained all my summer clothes forever) I thought that taking the risk of maybe having cancer because of nasty chemicals may be worth it instead of undergoing daily discomfort because of deodorant. Of course that’s pushing it a little! So I’ve tried your deodorant and I’m very happy with it so far. I’ve ordered another 3 to try different fragrances and get another friend of mine to test it. Finding a natural deodorant that works is definitely a bit of a holy grail quest, but I think I may be very close to have completed it.
Nasrine T Auckland, New Zealand January 2015

2014 Thank you reviews

I am a Zumba instructor and exercise enthusiast. I have tried many natural deodorants but not one every got me though a Zumba class without body odour. until I found Fresca! I absolutely love it! It really works! And because you don’t need so much a bottle will last me a long time, making it as affordable as any other product I was buying previously. Thank you Fresca, I am a very happy customer!
Imelda T Rothesay, Canada December 2014
I have used so many non-aluminium deodorants over the years and have had limited success with neutralising body odour. This is the only deodorant that I have used that really does work. I have no body odour even after a gym workout. I am over the moon with this product and felt compelled to congratulate you on such a stellar product. Well done.
Gaby November 2014
This product absolutely meets our expectations; we are extremely happy with the deodorant and have recommended it to others. We have no need to reapply. This product absolutely meets our expectations, we are extremely happy with the deodorant and have recommended it to others. We have no need to reapply
Alison R Guilford, Western Australia November 2014
This deodorant is all our family uses. My husband, who is a thrifty, very particular man, asks to reorder when he is out. He also sweats quite a bit and Fresca not only protects him for odour but also smells really good. After years of searching for a natural deodorant that worked, we are happy to say that we don’t need to look any further. Fresca is a wonderful product that we would love to see in store in the States!
Susan B New York, US October 2014
This product exceeded my expectations. It lasts all day, even if I’ve exercised and doesn’t have an overly “herbal” smell like most aluminium free deodorants.
Anne P 7/10/2014
Just letting you know that your deodorant never ever lets us down. We love it. Thank you. Silvia and Matthew.
Matthew R Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, October 2014
I love to shop online. I was so fast. I got it two days later. I don’t need to reapply but I am not a very stinky person. I have already bought if for my tween daughter and love that this healthy option is available for my kids. I just hope you don’t sell out to a big company that doesn’t care the way you do.
Genevieve J Daglish, Western Australia October 2014
This product meets my expectations, no natural deodorant has worked for me in the past, This one does. Wearing aluminium free deodorant is very important to me. I introduced my daughter who is now 10 to it over a year ago and she loves it. I do not need to reapply, I do boot camp or body pump most days and even if I don’t shower until evening I don’t need to reapply
Ferne M Willetton, Western Australia October 2014
I did a Google search for the best natural deodorant and read of a few forums that people used and swore by Fresca, so thought I would give it a try. I have tried tea tree and other natural deodorants but they weren’t effective in combatting the body odour. This was the experience of the people on the forums I was reading, but they said Fresca was the only one that didn’t inhibit perspiration but did manage the odour. I’m happy to say I tried it today for the first time, and it’s a hot day in Lismore, and I don’t have any body odour at all. I’m very impressed and will be recommending the product to several friends and family members. Thanks for the lovely wrapping too. The presentation was beautiful.
Tanya J Lismore, New South Wales, October 2014
I love the product and have been using it for a couple of years now and have recommended it to friends, as aluminium free deodorant is very important to me. I have ordered extra for my daughter. It lasts all day in winter and Summer time I will only reapply if I’m going out in the evening. The online shop is great!
Sandra L Kalamunda, Western Australia. September 2014
I love how your deodorant lets me sweat naturally and combats the odour really well, I never thought I’d be so excited to buy deodorant. I have also placed an order for my first bottle of Hydraskin elixir after getting every last drop out of the samples you sent with my deodorants My skin has just been drinking it up and I can’t wait to get my order so I can use it again.
Tessa H Pakenham, Victoria, Australia. August 2014
Your deodorant is brilliant! My hubby has started using it and it a chef in a busy kitchen and he doesn’t come home smelling of body odour anymore. Thank you!
Simone W. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, August 2014
Thank you so much for your amazing product. I purchased from Canberra (Australia) when I was visiting at Christmas last year. Now it’s time to re-order. Thank you again from you fan in the USA- Renu
Renu.M. Weehawken, NJ, United States, July 2014
Hello- I am so happy with my Citrus Fresh deodorant. I just love it. I have been using it now for a few years. Finally, my husband has decided to try it and he’s usually pretty smelly. He actually declared that he likes it too! So now I am going to try Wooden Spice to see if he likes that one. Many thanks for a great product- that actually works!
Peta B. Melville, Western Australia, July 2014
HI, I just want to let you know that I am really happy with your product. My wife has been using it and I have just stated using it also.
Dainel S. Alice Springs, Northern Territory, May 2014
Hi, Thank you so much I have tried so many natural deodorants and none have worked – until now I have found yours!! How wonderful & such a relief, I’ve struggled for ages with deodorant’s even making home-made ones that have made my pits itch!! I’m going to buy more & for hubby as well. Do you sell them in any stores? I’m so impressed, Thanks again. Happy 🙂
Gilda M Mount Gambier, South Australia, March 2014
A truly great product, am very happy using it. Nothing on the market compares with it. Great work! Many thanks again Ronnie
Ronnie B. Maddington, Western Australia, March 2014
Hi there Elda,

Just a quick follow up on the order that recently arrived. I decided to order the Wooden Spice for the first time on this order and when it arrived I decided to read the information included.

Apparently it is said to calm the nervous system. Now let me tell you Elda, I am an old man and if my nervous system becomes any calmer, I won’t be able to hear my poor bones creaking. Furthermore to that, it would appear that your lovely product is also an aphrodisiac. Wow, this could be a concern of course coz it doesn’t take much for us oldies to kick the bucket, you know..

I shall monitor my progress closely and if I do die and go to heaven, I shall contact you and advise you of my demise as soon as I have moved in and discovered what system of email service they use up there. (Probably Dodo)

Now I don’t want you to panic here Elda because there is a good side to all of this. At least I would smell pretty flash in the coffin. Eh?

I am a little concerned as to whether or not your product is flammable. Imagine the resulting explosion. It would probably take out the side wall of the crematorium. This idea doesn’t play heavily on my mind to any great degree coz I have read where your products contain no alcohol, so could be I will be alright there.

As I am a fearless bastard, I am reasonably sure that I may not die in the near future from over exertion and look forward to my coming years without those damn itchy armpits that I suffered with before I discovered your excellent products. Fresca rocks.

With kindest regards, Warren Wilson.

Warren W. Busselton, Western Australia, February 2014
Hi Elda, hope you are well. Just wanted to touch base with you to especially advise you that I’m very impressed with the wild lavender deodorant you sent me.

I have been wearing it and testing it out and am thrilled to have no smell whatsoever. Thanku, thanku for sending to me and I’m pleased to say I will be a customer for a very long time!

Good work on an amazing product. Kind Regards, Naomi Ibrahim

Bachelor of Science (Nutrition, Food and Health Science)

Naomi I. via email, February 2014
Just wanted to say I’m really happy with your product. Absolutely the best aluminium-free deodorant I’ve ever used, bar none. 🙂
Lauren O. Ashfield, New South Wales, February 2014
I have been using your deodorant for maybe 3 years now. I also told my Naturopath about your product and he stocks it in his practice. Thank you for the Hydraskin Elixir, I will also give that a go. Many thanks, Megan
Megan N. Joondalup, Western Australia, February 2014
I have just received my third order from Fresca, and you never fail to disappoint. My orders always arrive quickly, despite being sent over to the United States. I just love how the products are packaged, the presentation is lovely, even for something as commonplace as a deodorant. This shows me that your company takes great pride and is serious about its products and that makes me feel secure knowing that I can trust using them on my family.

My teenage boys are both athletes and need a product that can keep up with them. They stay fresh and safe all day using your deodorants. My husband is a convert as well. Our family favourite is the Ocean scent.

Thank you for such a safe, effective product. Catherine,

Catherine H. California, United States, February 2014
I learned about your wonderful Deodorant on the Internet. My husband and I are constantly travelling (Internationally, as well as in the U.S.). In spite of being 69 years old, I’m a hiker and daily walker. I have sensitive skin. It’s been difficult for me to find a deodorant that does not cause a rash on my skin, but that also ‘does the job’ with odour!! After much investigation, and reading some excellent reviews of your Product, I decided to try it. It works!! Thank you!!

Warmest regards, Judy

Judy R. Colorado, United States, February 2014
Hi all, I received my first ever aluminium free deodorant earlier this week and… It really works!

Obviously I was a bit of a sceptic, but have been so totally blown away by the fact that even on these really hot (and in Qld humid) days we’ve been having of late working without air conditioning, I still smell fresh at days end. Sharing with all my friends, who no doubt are going to be receiving some Fresca products as gifts in the near future.

Once again, thank you for creating an ethical and effective product, I couldn’t be happier!

Kind Regards, Tracey

Tracey Jones Queensland, January 2014
I just wanted to say that your deodorant is the only one I’ve ever used that stops the smell, this even includes the commercial brands! Thanks so much.
Angela F. Fremantle, Western Australia, January 2014
Hi There, I ordered and received a bottle of the unscented deodorant the other day and thought I’d let you know I think it’s absolutely wonderful. I have been searching for something for years that was natural and a lot of them just didn’t cut it. I do a lot of exercise and sweaty work in my job and over the last week or so I’ve had it its stood up to the demands! No itching, no stains and oddly it feels like I’m sweating LESS than I did with my nivea men’s stuff. So, thank you thank you it’s great to have found you in this world gone mad with artificial colourings, chemically induced scents and high definition images. Well done. 🙂 Chris
Chris S. Sydney, New South Wales, January 2014
Dear Elda, Thank you so much for sending out the deodorants and for your gorgeous Hydraskin Elixir! I love it! Your products are just amazing as is your customer service. Thank you. Ildi
Ildi G. Wodonga, Victoria, January 2014

2013 Customer Feedback

I ordered your deodorant and am so far experiencing just great results and that’s coming from someone who has, without tending to myself, very strong body odour. I’ve been trying all sorts of products from Alum Stone to Lavellin, Men’s Science and more and with none of these have I felt safe until your product. It lasts literally all day and night, so much so that I was slightly worried about not being to smell anything at all!!! It was quite a strange experience at first, but such a testament to your great product.
Clark C. Pinewood Studios, Bucks, United Kingdom, December 2013
I actually buy the deodorants as gifts for my father (for Christmas). He has extreme sensitivity to normal deodorants and can’t use them. Yours are wonderful and work great! Thank you so much for this great product. Sincerely, Deborah.
Debra S Oshkosh, WI, United States, December 2013
Hi, just wanted to send you a quick note about your product. I have reactions to aluminium in antiperspirant deodorants. I get migrains from them. So I have tried so many over the last 15 years, with little success. I was so pleased to find the Ocean Fresca, I can smell it when I put it on but it’s not over powering. And works well throught the day. It stops the BO smell. So thank you for your product. It’s a winner!
Tracey A. Kyogle, New South Wales, Australia, November 2013
Meet Hugh- at 12 years old- he’s my most charming Fresca Fan! His mum bought him a Citrus Fresh deodorant and he came up to me at Perthupmarket on the weekend to tell me how much he loves it! This is what he said, “I like the scent and it doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything. It keeps me fresh like I’ve just had a shower. It’s the best!” So now he’s going to try Ocean. Love your charisma Hugh! Elda
Hugh East Vic Park, Western Australia, November 2013
My name is Wanda Mazza from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I just want to say that the Fresca fresh deodorants are amazing. I love them very much. I could go all day without applying it twice. There is no body odour and also it does not feel sticky. Thank you for this lovely and real product, FINALLY. I also want to thank Elda so much for answering all my questions I have with the deodorants and also I just ordered the Hydraskin Elixir, hopefully it will do wonders. I heard a lot of excellent reviews for this product. Thank you so much Elda for having such wonderful products! Keep up the good work.
Wanda Mazza Toronto, Canada, November 2013
Hello Elda, I just wanted to let you know that I am already loving your product, unscented deodorant. I have only used it for 3 days and among ALL the deodorants that I have used in the past, your deodorant by far is the BEST! Until now, I still can’t believe that I am using an organic deo. I still do sweat, but I do not smell at all! You’re a genius! Thank you!, Kind regards, Grace.
Mary- Grace N. November 2013
Hi, I am already hooked on the Fresca Natural Deodorant… it is absolutely THE BEST natural deodorant I have ever used. I am just about to purchase two more from you online… I noticed in the other comments that you have samples of the Hydraskin elixir… just wondering if it is possible to receive a sample to try with my deodorant order? Thanks for such a fantastic product!
Amber Day September 2013
I found out about Fresca through Google as I was looking for a natural deodorant that would work for a very long time and tried many different options. I read some reviews and all of them said your deodorants really worked so I tried it. And now I would not use anything else. Thank you for such a fantastic product. All the best, Jana.
Janka R. Winchester, United Kingdom, September 2013
I am a big fan of your deodorant! Thank you for making a non-aluminium one that works so effectively.
Sarah B Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, September 2013
Wow, I cannot believe how well the deodorant works! I just got it and I didn’t shower for 3 days to give it the real test. I did yoga and a weights class within that time, plus my daily grind with a 3 year old and 1 year old. The real test was that I wore a shirt that’s made of synthetic fabric that always makes me smell bad and I continued to smell great. AND… In the 3 days I didn’t need to reapply! Simply amazing. Wonderful job!!! Thank you!!!
Penny Kostaras Facebook, California, United States, 25 August 2013
Thank you for making the best deodorant I’ve ever used 🙂
Damian C. Queensland, Australia, August 2013
Your products are great, thank you! Looking forward to receiving more of the Elixir- it is fantastic! Your presentation of the products has such a lovely personal touch which is rare these days. You have won another customer! Thanks again, Nicole:)
Nicole H. Victoria, Australia, August 2013
My partner and I want to thank you for a marvellous product. I recommend it to all our friends… thank you again for your commitment to deliver a truly natural and safe product to use. Juliana.
Juliana B. Victoria, Australia, August 2013
The products and service was fantastic. Thank you.
Raelene H. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, August 2013
I must say we are so very thankful to have found all natural deodorants that really work!! Big shout out to FRESCA NATURAL from Bend, Oregon in the US — been telling everyone I know about your product!
Carey Mc-B United States, July 2013
I received my products on Tuesday and I am very excited about them and have already started using them. They are great. I am hopeful that I have finally found a natural product that works on my hubby who swears that natural deodorants do nothing for him- Day 2 so far and no complaints. I also wanted to let you know that I have family in Singapore who are always on the lookout for good natural deodorants especially since one of them has 3 young girls. I will recommend your product to them. I love it so will definitely continue using it. Thanks so much, Sigrid.
Sigrid DS Doonside, NSW, July 2013
Thanks Elda! I have received my products and they are great! Love the rose-scented one. Keep up with the good work!
Kee H. Adelaide, South Australia, July 2013
You know it still feels the same when I apply the face oils, it feels like the skin on my face is ‘breathing’ and the deodorant, well it’s really fantastic. Even my husband is a user of it. He often comments about how good it is. 🙂 Regards, Michelle.
Michelle C. Quakers Hill, NSW, July 2013
Thanks Elda for all your help today. I’m still wanting and loving your products and really pleased I can still get them even though I’ve moved back to New Zealand from Adelaide.
Angela F. Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, July 2013
I love Fresca deodorant. My wife has been trying to get me to use natural deodorants for years but I’ve never found one that performed as good as the commercial products. Fresca isn’t just as good as the commercial brands, it’s actually a lot better. I do a lot of exercise and even in the hot and humid Sydney Summer it works great all day long.
Matt M. Sydney, NSW, July 2013
Hi There, I just received my Fresca deodorant and the free Elixir sample and thought I would just send you an email. Thank you for your free gift. And I must say that I have tried MANY deodorants that claim to be nontoxic etc, but this Fresca Citrus Fresh is the most effective and pleasant smelling one of them all and I absolutely LOVE IT! I tell everyone about your deodorant.
Joanne C Adelaide, South Australia, July 2013
PS: love your products! 🙂
Julie K. via email, Syndey, NSW, June 2013
Thank you! The delivery has arrived and the products are lovely. Thanks again.
Jane P Blackburn, Victoria, June 2013
Your product is a marvel! Both my husband and I are using it and love it! It is just so wonderful to have finally found an aluminium-free deodorant that actually works! Well done. And thank you for the advice regarding the Citrus Fresh which I will be sure to switch to when I fall pregnant.
Rita via email, June 2013
Hello Elda,

I would like to say thank you for your email and I have received your amazing deodorant and your kind sample of your oil (just beautiful) so kind:)

I love the deo and I get no smell nor sweat and that is after a gym session and out and about all day, so happy I tried it and I will continue to support you by buying and wearing your amazing deodorants!! Be well, be happy, warmth, Farrah

Farah D Noosaville, QLD, June 2013
Well it’s day three and I am still using the deodorant…. the first non-aluminium deodorant that I’ve tried that actually works!!
Christine P. Parkside, South Australia, June 2013
Dear Elda,

I just wanted to thank you for developing and providing your product. First of all the package I received in the mail was so lovely, I could feel the care, gentleness and love in that package! Your lovely handwritten note and the care with the deodorants in sweet individual bags & the free sample of the elixir, it was a lovely parcel. Then the same care on the second reorder, so lovely.

Secondly, I have been looking for a natural deodorant for such a long time, tried so many, spent so much money and nothing has worked, none having staying power, to the point I got so disheartened that nothing worked reluctantly (out of being stinky!) resorting back to chemical deodorants.

Then I read a review in nature and healthy magazine and they said “Fresca actually works” and I read a testimonial from a lady in country town next to me that said the same thing, so I thought why not have another try. The best news is IT ACTUALLY WORKS as good as chemical deodorants in terms of body odour but allows you the process of sweating as to not block the sweat glands, which I dread to think of how many years my family and I have been doing this! Thanks to you it means our future can be different!

So a huge tremendous thank you for developing and providing this product Elda,

Warm regards, Sarah Mckenzie

Ps if it helps in anyway, please use this as a testimonial to let others know how fantastic your deodorants work, please do.

PPs I wish you every success, I know small businesses can be challenging at times, so I wish you success and financial reward.

Sarah McKenzie Victoria, Australia, April 2013
Hi, I received my deodorant order the other day. Thank you. I first bought it at the Upmarket before Christmas and have loved it! I have tried many natural brands and none have worked! Ordered one for my husband to try too. Kind regards, Kym
Kym H. Western Australia, April 2013
I love your deodorant so much!
Anna V. Mt Claremont, Western Australia, April 2013
I really love your product, the deodorant smells lovely, but more importantly it really works! Thank you, I have recommended it to my friends.
Leigh T. Rockingham, Western Australia, April 2013
Bought these recently after researching safe deodorants for children- these ones seemed the best and were made in Australia (which is awesome!). Well, I wasn’t disappointed- they are fantastic! They work so well- there has been no more sweaty smells in my house (myself, my husband and 8 year oil all use them now). The unscented is a great idea too, because my 8 year old was embarrassed to use deodorant because she thought everyone would tease her- this way no one knows and she won’t get teased about smelling bad either!! Absolutely love this deodorant- my husband and I are already spreading the work! Thanks!
Bella Western Australia, March 2013
Thank you so much for making a deodorant that both my husband and I love and can actually use without causing irritation to the skin and to the nose. My husband is a hay fever sufferer and cannot use scented products.
Lynlea P. Mahogany Creek, Western Australia, March 2013
Hi Elda, I’ve been using it (deodorants) for quite a while… and never use anything else! I work in the garden on over 30 degree (Celsius) days and it holds up super well! I have 5 fragrances but seem to use the lavender the most. The circular massage oil helps my legs a lot with retaining fluid- especially on the hot days and being on my feet all day. My hubby has been using the Wooden Spice deodorant and is very happy with it. (I was very surprised he started using it instead of the commercial brand.)
Gwenda E. Traralgon, Victoria, February 2013
Hi Elda, The deodorant is fantastic! It is the first one without aluminium in it that actually works for me. Regards, Sharren.
Sharren W. Bridgetown, Western Australia, February 2013
We absolutely love your deodorants! And, my mum enjoyed the sample of Elixir you sent with my last order- so, this bottle is for her! Thank you!
Nicola L. Mt Hawthorn, Western Australia, February 2013
The best deodorant I have tried. I had trouble in the past with deodorants. Not anymore. The best deodorant. They last a really long time.
Rosa F. Greenwood, Western Australia, February 2013
I’ve tried many natural deodorants and some even with chemicals and your products are truly the best! It lasts so long and I think it must neutralise bad body odour. You should get the product out in the supermarkets, it’s fantastic!!!
Joelle B. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, February 2013
I love your deodorants, they are the best I have ever used.
Virginia G. Quakers Hill, New South Wales, February 2013
OMG! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! I have tried all other well-known brands, they are sticky, leave marks and don’t seem to last. This product is fantastic, smells great, dries fast with no marks and lasts all day- Great product! I would highly recommend!! Thanks. Ambre
Ambre @ Cake Candy Busselton Western Australia, January 2013
Elda I just wanted to tell you that I’ve had the deodorants up on the site for 1 day and have already sold out! Goodness! Plus my big stinky boy who’s a labourer agrees it’s the best deodorant he’s tried 😉 xxx
Hayley from Peachy Clean Western Australia, January 2013
I have been getting everyone I know to try your deodorant and I am now ordering for 5 people! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product.
Johanne R-C. Calgary, Canada, January 2013
Went away and used shop deodorant and within a week I had red lumps under my arms and they were very sore and blocked. Once I came home and started using Fresca Natural Deodorant the lumps cleared up and have had no problems. I was allergic to the alum. Love the product.
Glenda Perth, Western Australia, January 2013
Brilliant stuff, works a treat, even walking dogs at the refuge for 5 hours!
Nicola Leedervile, Western Australia, January 2013
I have been using this product for several years. Fantastic!
Young Kalamunda, Western Australia, January 2013
My daughter (14 years) and I always keep coming back for these beautiful deodorants! The only problem is that we can’t choose ~ as all the scents are so beautiful. This product is a pleasure to wear. Beautiful and EFFECTIVE. Thanks so much.
Mary O. Yanchep, Western Australia, January 2013

2012 Thank you reviews

This deodorant is fantastic! I usually use natural deodorant only through the winter. But this works all year round. Great!
Nina K. Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, December 2012
The best natural deodorant I’ve tried! (And I’ve tried them all.)
Tiffany Kalamunda, Western Australia, December 2012
We had a terrific Fresca Christmas! Everyone who received a Fresca Natural Deodorant was thrilled. You’ll now have more customers in WA but also Sydney and NZ too, and orders soon to be placed from Paris! I was so thrilled to find something my husband liked that didn’t leave a white residue on his t-shirts and is healthy to use too, which is the best thing. Have a great New Year Elda.
Ruth C. Palmyra, Western Australia, December 2012
Earlier this year I began my quest to switch to a natural skin routine. Whilst there were some hits and a lot of misses in some areas… I found the most difficult to be finding a deodorant. I couldn’t believe how many natural deodorants I tried that simply did NOTHING!

I have never had a body odour problem in my life, and was suddenly left self-conscious and embarrassed when I was out and about. However I didn’t want to just return to using regular aluminium deodorant… so persevered… I was sure there had to be a better solution. And after receiving your products last week, I can honestly say that they ARE the solution for sure! I was hoping for at least an improvement on the others I’d tried… but with your product I simply don’t smell AT ALL and stay dry all day long!

So I just really wanted to send this note to say thankyou for creating such an effective product that I feel completely confident and safe using everyday. And just picking up on what some other people said in the feedback area… I also wanted to comment that receiving the product was rather like getting a lovely present… It was so beautifully packaged up… and with lovely samples and information… well done!

I will be re-ordering this for sure… and plan to give as gifts to my friends and family as well 🙂

Judith E. Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia, December 2012
Thanks so much. Your deodorant has proven itself over and over again with me. I’m a total convert and will be giving one of these 2 bottles to a friend who is allergic to regular deodorant. I’m hoping this will help him like it has helped me! (Wooden Spice)
Angela F. Adelaide, South Australia, December 2012
Hello Elda, Thank you for sending the remainder of my order and for the extra deodorant. I’m giving family members deodorants to try as I am concerned about the aluminium and chemicals in other deodorant and hope they may switch to natural deodorant. I’ve been using your lavender deodorant since I received it about a week ago and it really seems to be working well even during exercise which is great. Thank you again. Margaret.
Margaret M McCrae, Victoria, Australia, December 2012
I received some Fresca samples to try for my business and blog www.rawandpure.com.au I am reordering because I love your product so much. Thanks!
Danielle Davey West Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, December 2012
Hi Elda, I’m really impressed with the deodorant! I’ve been searching for years for one that really works without irritating my sensitive underarms and now I’ve found it!
Angela S. North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, December 2012
Hello, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to talk to me at the Kalamunda Markets many months ago about my issue and how your product may help. Well it has helped and the once BO smell has cleared dramatically. I now order online to restock. Thanks again, I am very appreciative.
Michelle E. Kalamunda, Western Australia December 2012
Hi Elda, Thank you for the follow-up regarding your deodorant. I must say that I looked for approximately 2 years for a more natural deodorant that was effective before finding your product. I am just now finishing up the Wooden Spice version and about to begin using the Ocean, so I will speak to the former.

It has been excellent on all levels. I like the scent and find it to be good particularly for men. I have not had any irritation or reaction to the product, which I have had with several deodorants in the past. And most impressively for a natural deodorant, it lasts easily for a full day!

I look forward to ordering more in the future and would encourage you to increase opportunities for selling your product in the States as opportunities arise. Thank you again, – Ben

Ben A. Asheville, United States, November 2012
I love it Smile
Lisa P. Adelaide, South Australia, October 2012
Hi there, just wanted to say I love your deodorant- it’s a lovely product and the way it was delivered made it like a really special gift to receive.
Kari R. Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia, October 2012
Hello. I recently purchased two bottles of deodorant, one for me and one for my 6 year old daughter. I had been looking everywhere for an aluminium free safe deodorant for kids and was about to resort to buying it from the States when I came across your product. It’s fantastic.
Rachel M. New South Wales, Australia, October 2012
I have to say- I LOVE THIS PRODUCT- it is literally the only deodorant that has ever worked for me AND IT’S NATURAL- I am now officially odourless and it lasts ALL day. Thank you, thank you, thank you- SO HAPPY!!! It has made a huge difference to my life because it works.
Kerry C. Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, October 2012
I have used Fresca Deodorants for about a year now. It is the only deodorant that truly works. My husband works outdoors and ‘never’ comes home stinky!!
Debbie Howe Poynter Primary School, Western, Australia, October 2012
I really like it! I’m currently using the Ocean scent and it does the trick. Body odour is pretty much non-existent. I don’t have to wash my t-shirts etc. as much now either, which is awesome.
Eugene P. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, October 2012
Seriously the best deodorant ever! Thank you so much!
Claire B. Shoal Point, Queensland, Australia, October 2012
Hi Elda, Well I am very pleased and so is my husband that our package arrived about a week ago here in Dubai and we have been loving it ever since. We had run out when we were waiting (which I had expected) so I again tried 2 other brands. Well one didn’t work and I had to reapply half way throughout the day and the other brand changed the colour of my husband’s underarm hair- it went ginger colour and he is dark brown haired!

As an Australian living in Arabian Desert of the many (natural deodorants) we tried that I could buy locally, none worked well and some to the point where I would have to shower in the afternoon. The temperature here can soar to 50 degrees plus in summer and humidity can reach 90% so for a good 9 months of the year so you sweat a lot.

Fresca Natural Deodorant is the only one that works all day on both myself and husband and even during the night, if time doesn’t allow for a shower, we are still OK!

I highly recommend this product so much so I get it shipped to me here in Dubai.

Larissa F Dubai, United Arab Emirates, September 2012
Fantastic Products. As a guy my favourites are the Wooden Spice and Ocean. Work in an office environment and they keep me fresh all day long. Also ballroom dancing they keep me fresh. Can recommend highly enough. Awesome. Thanks.
Ross J. Madaley, Western Australia, September 2012
A wonderful product that really works. Have tried many over the years that have failed. This is the best product I have tried.
Natalie Western Australia, September 2012
I have to speak publicly and often get quite nervous before crowds. Even in polyester this deodorant holds up all day! I’ve tried other natural products and have had no such success. Brilliant stuff. I love it!! Thanks.
Rachel Carramar, Western Australia, September 2012
So happy with Fresca I don’t use anything else. Extremely happy deodorant!
Libby Cottesloe, Western Australia, September 2012
I have tried other natural deodorants but this is the only one that has ever worked for me. (Wild Lavender)
Jade Margaret River, Western Australia, September 2012
Love this deodorant! Managed to convert my husband from spray deodorant to your Wooden Spice. He is LOVING it! And finally I have found a non-toxic deodorant that works! Perfect for all my boot camp sessions. (Citrus Fresh) Thank you! (I am also a convert to your 21 Oils Hydraskin Elixir too!)
Chris Nedlands, Western Australia, September 2012
Love them, love them, love them. I have sensitivities so this product is fantastic and unique.
Eleanor Darlington, Western Australia, September 2012
Fresca Natural Deodorant is the ONLY natural (Non-Aluminium) Deodorant I have found that actually works!! Even if working in the bush or at the gym.
Colleen Midland, Western Australia, September 2012
I first bought the Jaisara deodorant in March 2012. I was worried about how good they would work so wore it only sometimes. I started doing 1 hour boot camp workouts- with lots of sweating and decided to make the change and wear the deodorant all the time. Best ever, works the best of any deodorant. Comes not recommended highly enough.
Debbie Kalamunda, Western Australia, September 2012
Love your products. Since I started using your products, I have never looked back. Your deodorants are just the best. Thank you, no more aluminium for me 🙂
Mary Wattle Grove Western Australia, September 2012
I’ve just complete the first test drive of your natural deodorant. I have almost come to the end of my first bottle of Wooden Spice. I have to say it has stood the test of time & duty. I have used it every day since I received it. It truly does work as you promised. Finally, a natural deodorant that delivers what it promises.
Angela F. Adelaide, South Australia, August 2012
This is by far the BEST natural deodorant I have ever used & I have tried numerous products. I still smelled fresh even after my workout!! I had my husband try it & now he is wearing it as well. (That is saying a lot). We live in Texas where the heat & humidity are brutal. He works outdoors a lot so it has been difficult to get him to go natural because quite frankly nothing else has worked. Thank you!!!
Suzette M. Texas, United States, August 2012
Deodorant is really great. Not overpowering and actually works. I use Jaisara, Citrus Fresh and Valley Rose. They are all great. Thanks.
Naomi Bullsbrook, Western Australia, August 2012
Loved your deodorant the only natural one I have found that actually works. Lasts all day, nice restrained fragrance and great value. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Anthony Evans Gangleader, The Wine Leader, Perth, Western Australia, August 2012
Hi Elda, Eight years ago I began my search for an aluminium-free, natural deodorant that works. I began this search after meeting my mother-in-law, who held a wealth of information about natural products and the harmfulness of chemicals. She is who initially pushed me to switch my deodorant to one with no aluminium. So, I did. I purchased the main brands sold as various health food stores in the USA, so many of them. They all ended up in my trashcan within a week of purchase. I simply smelled bad when wearing them. It was clear they did not work for me. At many points during my search I temporarily gave up and went back to using regular deodorant sold in drug stores and convinced myself that there just wasn’t a natural deo that REALLY worked to keep me smell-free. Once in a while I would see a new natural deodorant, or someone would recommend one, and I would try it, but they never worked.

Just recently, I discovered some natural CREAM deodorants that work ok. BUT, you have to stir them before applying and then use your fingers to apply, it is really annoying.

Finally, I can across your website, and ordered three deo’s (rose ocean and unscented). I have been using the rose deo for about 2 weeks now in the infernal Washington, D.C heatwave (the highest temperatures recorded in history), and I DO NOT SMELL BAD!! Yaay!!!!! I simply don’t smell! Temperatures have been between 100-106 with lots of humidity!! Yuck! But at least I don’t have to smell that foul underarm smell all day!

I want to sincerely congratulate you on your product. Thank you so much for your product, and I look forward to hearing back from you! Gabby.

Gabriela. S Washington DC, United States, 14 July 2012
I have tried several natural deodorants on the market, both national and smaller home brands and nothing has really worked that well. I received my Fresca Natural and Citrus deodorants two weeks ago and have worn this brand every day. This deodorant works great, it has held up during my biking and running activities and it does not stain or mark your clothing. I am so happy to have finally found this deodorant. I am buying some for my entire family. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It is amazing!
Heather Portland, OR, United States, 24 June 2012
Hi Elda, Thank you so much for such a great product! I saw you at the markets in Kalamunda, when I was on holiday visiting my parents. My fiancé hasn’t been able to find a deodorant that can last the whole day… And now with Fresca Natural he comes home smelling nice even after playing cricket. I am just amazed at how effective it is. We are both very happy with your products!! Plus we love that it’s all natural too. We look forward to purchasing your product for years to come. Regards, Miche`
Miche`V. Shepparton, Victoria, Australia, 2012
Hi Elda, I recently ordered your citrus deodorant and I am extremely happy with it! I have been trying out aluminium free deodorants for many years and was always disappointed with them. The last one I had tried gave me a rash and I was feeling at my wits end, so I looked around on-line and found your site. The testimonials I read sounded almost too good to be true, but I decided I would give it a go… so I have now just finished road-testing your product under many conditions – at the gym, riding to and from work and performing under harsh stage lighting- and it works in every situation. I also love the scent. Thank you so much for a great product and for giving me that feeling of old fashioned service with your lovely personalised packaging. Regards, Hilary.
Hilary Adelaide, South Australia, June 2012
Dear Elda, My gut reaction to your product just makes me want to call you and shout out my joy over a cup of coffee in the morning, and proceed to call you every day I gave it the full test- that it has continued to be the best deodorant I’ve ever had!!! It works in the Florida heat- hot and humid, about 85 degrees. I tested your product for six days walking, jogging and doing my daily things and I just didn’t smell. Overall now it has been about 10 days that I’ve had my Fresca and I couldn’t be happier with it!! Your deodorant truly passes the test! My search for a natural deodorant has now stopped and I’ll be spreading the word wherever I go! Sincerely, Samantha
Samantha. N Florida, United States, June 2012
Hi Elda, I cannot thank you enough for producing such a wonderful deodorant. I have been on the search for the past 16 years for a deodorant that is aluminium free and parabens free which dries quickly and is not sticky but most of all that will truly work. I have tried so many deodorants that were useless then I end up throwing them away after a few uses. Since I started using Fresca Natural Deodorant I no longer have to walk around like a robot with my arms to my side worrying if anyone will be offended by my perspiration. For peace of mind it is so worth the $15.00 for a natural deodorant that works! Your emails and customer service goes way beyond the norm, I cannot wait until your products are sold in the United States.
Karen. S Colorado, United States, June 2012
Love this deodorant. It really works all day. Thank you. Thank you.
Merrillynn. W Orlando, United States, May 2012
Dear Elda, Thank you for the prompt delivery of my deodorants. It was a lovely surprise to read the personal note you added to the receipt. I just thought I’d let you know that I am a returning customer after first purchasing your deodorants at the UWA markets a couple of months ago. At the time, you spent ten minutes or so explaining the benefits of your products to me. I was particularly impressed with your passion and determination to provide the best possible products to us all, especially those who have been affected by dreadful diseases such as breast cancer.

I have been using your deodorant since I bought it at the UWA market and I am really impressed with the effective protection this natural product provides. It has been a wonderful ‘find’ for me and I have been spreading the news to all of my family and friends, particularly those who are interested in finding natural products that actually work!

Thank you for the sample of the new skin elixir. I look forward to trying this also, especially as my skin tends to be very dry. Kind regards, Margaret.

Margaret via email, Western Australia, May 2012
Dear Elda, We love the deodorants and would like to thank you for the beautiful packaging and information. I would also like to say thank you for the sample of the elixir- it is delicious! Thank you for making such wonderful products for us to enjoy. Best regards, Felicity -Wordgirl 0423925445- Editing, proof reading and copywriting services
Felicity Hazelmere, Western Australia, May 2012

Cassandra has her own blog page about natural products and found Fresca Natural late one night on a google search. So impressed is she with the performance of the deodorant she has written this blog about her experience with natural deodorant products. https://www.chooselifeliveitdoit.com/2012/04/no-its-not-me-i-dont-smell.html (sorry, page no longer available)

Cassandra Michelin Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, May 2012
Cara Elda, il pacco e` arrivato oggi finalmente, i deodoranti hanno delle profumazioni meravigliose naturali, ho provato Ocean e posso dire che funziona perfettamente, ne avevo provati parecchi senza alluminio ma con risultati poco soddisfacenti, sono davvero contenta! Un caro saluto e complimenti ancora per i tuoi prodotti! Sara

(English Translation: Dear Elda, the parcel finally arrived, the deodorants have a beautiful natural fragrance, I tried the Ocean and I can say that it works perfectly, I have tried truck-loads of aluminium free deodorants but the results have been very poor, I am therefore delighted with your products! Kind regards and congratulations on your products. Sara)

Sara San Daniele, Italy, May 2012
I have been meaning to email you for months to tell you how much I love your Fresca deodorants.
Sharne Sandringham, Victoria, May 2012
Hi Elda, Hope this finds you having fun and enjoying this gorgeous weather! I wanted to give you a nice positive update and tell you how much one of my daughters loves your deodorant. It was the one with that weird smell (Jaisara)!!Her comments were it is not sticky and she doesn’t have to flap her arms around everywhere waiting for it to dry! Fantastic isn’t it? Here are some cupcakes for you to enjoy for arvo tea that I baked. Have fun and take care, Christine xo [Thanks Christine! Delicious!]
Christine via email, Western Australia, April 2012
Hi Elda, It was lovely to meet you at the Mt Claremont Markets the other week. Your product is amazing. I have tried so many natural deodorants in the past few months and had almost given up finding something effective so really happy to find something that finally works!! 🙂 Using your product has made me realise how much I dislike the current natural deodorant I have but have been putting up with it because I’d rather that than using a product that has all those nasties like aluminium etc. Thanks again, Amani
Amani via email, Western Australia, April 2012
Dear Elda, I am writing to thank you for developing this product. It works beautifully- both my husband and I use it. All the best, Anne
Anne. A via email, Glebe, New South Wales, April 2012
Thanks so much for your awesome product 🙂
Allison G. Ellicott City, Maryland, United States, April 2012
Dear Elda,

I may have met you at one of the market days at the Hillarys Boat Harbour. Before we left for Houston, I went down to the Saturday Markets looking for Fresca Natural. I am happy to know that we can order on line. I have used many different natural deodorants and yours is the best. My daughters love it as well and I am going to pass on one to my niece in Miami. I have bought them all for the family and I hope to keep ordering from you. Thanks so much, Kind regards, Deborah.

Deborah Houston, United States, March 2012
Thank you Elda for checking in with me! The deodorant works and smells great! You have developed a fine product. Thanks so much. I found it by doing an online search for safer deodorants, after having a breast cancer biopsy and being a little scared. Luckily it was benign in my case. I also enjoyed getting mail from Australia…. a place I very much hope to visit someday. Thanks a million!!!
Norma Lee Brooklyn, United States, March 2012
Hi Elda, I first purchased the unscented and the citrus deodorant, and then I purchased the citrus (my favourite). I like that the deodorants keep me dry all day, including a hot 38c QLD summer day. I will definitely keep using them.
Michelle via email, Queensland, March 2012
The products are the greatest, all my friends have now switched over to your products and as I bought 4 last time, I’m just ready to reorder again.
Nick Hervey Bay, Queensland, March 2012
Dear Elda,

I have only recently started using the second bottle, which means that the first lasted well. The fragrance is unobtrusive and meets the demands of a varied work environment- between an air conditioned office, non air conditioned factory and open site. The warm humidity in Brisbane is occasionally high and even then the deodorant keeps unpleasant odours at bay. There is nothing non-invasive I can do about my sweat levels, (antiperspirants have blocked sweat glands in the past- leading to uncomfortable swellings) but it was a relief to find that your product effectively deals with odour.

In short- I’m very happy with Fresca deodorants and grateful that such a product is available. There’s peace of mind when using an effective and naturally supportive product.

Alita via email, Queensland, Australia, March 2012
I have endeavoured to use aluminium free deodorant for some years but, with excessive perspiration and a skin allergy, have found them inadequate for day long protection and have had to revert to more common brands. Late last year I had to source an unscented aluminium free deodorant due to having radiotherapy. This met the medical requirements at the time but was still inadequate for day long odour protection.

I came across your product from an internet search, was impressed with the testimonials I had read and, after using both the Wooden Spice and Ocean products they are the best I have used. Even my wife has tried them and intends to use them in the future. Definitely the best deodorants we have tried and unable to buy anything comparable directly from a retail outlet on the east coast….

G.J via email, Australia, March 2012
Hi Elda, I love Fresca! It works, finally a natural deodorant that really works, I’m going to suggest my local Co-Op carry it. Thank you. I love the rose scent and look forward to trying the others. Peace to you, my dear.
Ami via email, Oakmont, United States, March 2012
I bought your deodorant recently at Perthupmarket at UWA and I admit that I did so with some reservations. However, I am delighted to say that it really does work. I have tried numerous other natural deodorants that claim to last all day. They don’t. And This Does. Congratulations and I love the perfume. Thanking you and good wishes.
Diane via email, Perth, Western Australia, March 2012
Just to let you know that my order for deodorant arrived safely. Thank you very much. I love your product. Discovered it whilst on holiday in Perth last summer at the Claremont markets. Have purchased the new ‘ocean’ fragrance along with my favourite lavender. Hoping my sons might like to convert!!
Donna via email, Matcham, New South Wales, March 2012
…reading about others’ experiences with your product was encouraging. I was delighted to find that comments made about body odour still being pleasant after heavy sweating or 24 hours was valid!
Alita via email, Brisbane, Queensland, March 2012
Love your deodorant! Every time I put it on I’m thankful I made the switch. My sisters have also ordered from you not long ago. Thanks for a great product that I don’t have to worry about harming me. Take care.
Simona via email, March 2012
I just tried Fresca Natural Lavender deodorant and I LOVE IT!! It has a nice smell and it keeps me fresh all day long. Everyone must try their products. You will never regret it!!
Alya via email, United States, March 2012
Dear Elda,

My parcel arrived late last week, thank you. I loved the presentation of your deodorants and I’m already happy with the results. I’m glad I found you when I did a Google search. Kind regards, Annie. (Jaisara, Citrus Fresh, Valley Rose, Unscented)

Annie via email, Melbourne, Victoria, February 2012
Both me and my husband have been using these deodorants for a while now, and they are really amazing. They last all day, unlike many other natural deodorants. I have tried a few different ones, and this is by far the best one. It is very important to me to use health and effective products that I know are safe for my body, and this does the job perfectly.
Francisca Fremantle, via email, Western Australia, February 2012
I run an organic health shop in Myaree. My customers want toxic free personal products that smell good and do the job intended. The Fresca Natural deodorant range works incredibly well and I get a lot of good feedback. They are a delight to use and sell. Email inquiries to Vicki – enquiries@preciousorganics.com.au
Vicki Precious Organics, Myaree, Western Australia, February 2012
We love the Unscented Fresca Deodorant and are recommending it to all our friends and colleagues. I’ve tried many natural deodorants and none of them have worked until now. Thanks for helping us stay healthy and well done on a great product. Alison
Alison via email, Western Australia, February 2012
I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your Wild Lavender deodorant at Petticoat Lane (markets) in Busselton last week. I hesitated about buying it because I have never found a natural deodorant that worked. Usually I ended up with a little odour by the end of the day when using a natural deodorant. But, I am always on the lookout for a good, effective natural deodorant because I don’t like using deodorants that are full of chemicals, especially aluminium. I just had to let you know I am very impressed with your deodorant. I’ve been wearing if for a few days now and there is no hint of odour at the end of the day, my clothes still smell fresh under the armpits and best of all, your deodorant is keeping me dry- I didn’t expect that at all, and it’s been very, very hot these past few days, and whilst I’ve been sweating in other places, my armpits have remained dry, I think I’ve finally found a natural deodorant that works. I’ll be sticking with it. Thanks so much, it was nice to meet you at Petticoat Lane. Kind regards. ….you weren’t stretching the truth when you said it really works.
Christine via email, Busselton, Western Australia, January 2012
Thank you for my prompt delivery. I had never had problems with deodorants of any sort until a few months ago when I suddenly developed a rash. So I tried a mineral one, rash even worse. I then purchased a crystal deodorant, no good and several “pure, no this no that deodorants”. I was in WA in September and saw your product at Fremantle markets. I tried a little bit on my hand and walked around and came back a couple of hours later and purchased the lavender deo and have absolutely loved it. No rash, love the perfume, does not leave marks on my clothes hence I have ordered more and would be happy to promote this product to anyone. It is fantastic. Thank you. Rosemarie.
Rosemarie B via email, Cheltenham, Victoria, January 2012
We first bought this deodorant at the Perth Upmarket in Dec 2011, have been using it since and find it absolutely fantastic. Lasts all day, no-off smell. No irritation. Have just come back to purchase more, won’t use any other deodorant from now on. (Wooden Spice, Ocean, Wild Lavender) (Kalamunda Markets)
Chris Taylor Nannup, Western Australia, January 2012
I have tried everything but these are the best!! Love the smell AND THEY WORK! (Kalamunda Markets)
Charmaine Pickering Brook, Western Australia, January 2012
Just wanted to let you know that the rumours out there on the internet are true! Your deodorant really works!!!! Thank you so much, finally after years of searching for a natural product that actually works I can now stop looking!
Annika Evans via email, South Australia, January 2012
Not sure if you remember me but I’m from Melbourne and purchased two of your deodorants early December/ late November- the unscented unisex one and Jaisara. I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love them both and will be ordering one for my mum too. The scent of the Jaisara is gorgeous and both of them work really well in hot and humid weather! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!
Sarah El-Atm via email, Melbourne, Victoria, January 2012
BRILLIANT!! Having tried many natural deodorants, this is one of the best. (Valley Rose, Citrus Fresh) (Kalamunda Markets)
Ross Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, January 2012
Love your deodorants. Have been waiting anxiously till I saw your stall again so I can restock. Local products are best! (Jaisara) (Kalamunda Markets)
Linda Stanley Kalamunda, Western Australia, January 2012

2011 Customer Feedback

Thank you for this beautiful product. I played tennis for 2 hours and still lasted well for the rest of the day! My son who is sceptical of anything “natural”, has now changed to using Fresca. Also love it being a local WA product. Thanks again.
Amanda Bassendean, Western Australia, December 2011
Amazing product. Husband has extremely sensitive skin. This product is the only one that works well and does not irritate. (Bassendean Markets)
Sue Darlington, Western Australia 2011
I love this stuff!! Having sensitive skin is a drag and Fresca is so nice to wear and totally effective as well!! (Citrus Fresh, Wooden Spice, Jaisara) (Bassendean Markets)
BJB Western Australia, December 2011
I was dubious that it would work, having tried a number of natural products. But I was proved wrong! Wooden Spice is fantastic, even on hot energetic days. (Kalamunda Markets)
Jane Guildford, Western Australia, December 2011
Fantastic product. My partner swears by it. Superior to any other natural deodorant product that I have tried over the years and it’s local too! (Bassendean Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Nadine Bayswater, Western Australia, December 2011
WOW! Truly fantastic deodorants that work- REALLY work. AND, there are natural- no nasty chemicals that block your pores. Fantastic! Thank you for a great product. (Unscented) (Kalamunda Markets)
Jessie Cloverdale, Western Australia, December 2011
Tried the Wooden Spice and Wild Lavender. Fantastic! Our daughter tried the Wooden Spice as she has a problem with body odour and she loved it. We’ve stocked up for her!! (Perth Upmarket)
Pauline and Craig Melville, Western Australia, December 2011
This is the best deodorant (especially of the aluminium free kind) that I have ever used. I use the unscented one. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Annie Falconer Western Australia, December 2011
I used this product for 6 consecutive days out camping- no probs! Seriously- a very effective product. (Wooden Spice) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Frank Swanbourne, Western Australia, December 2011
Hi There,

You have recently sent me a couple of deodorants that I have ordered and have asked me for some feedback regarding your product.

For a long time I have been searching for a natural, aluminium free, deodorant that works! I have spent a lot of money and time searching for a good product at health food stores, etc., but none of these have been effective for me. I found that unless I used an “unnatural” product, it wasn’t effective so I was using a commercial deodorant, but it’s full of harsh chemicals, and contains ingredients that I can’t even pronounce.

Finally, I stumbled on your product at the Perth Upmarket, and thought “Oh well, I’ll give this one a go”…and BINGO, it works!! I can literally use it in the morning and have a full and active day looking after my little baby, etc., and not have an offensive odour by the end of the day. Also, I even wore a Polyester dress one day and didn’t smell badly.

I’ve now got my mum onto it and we’ll be purchasing Fresca Natural from now on.


Lee Dauvan

Lee Dauven via email, December 2011
I use the rose deodorant. It’s lovely and works well. (Hillarys Wellness Expo)
Penny Western Australia, November 2011
I love this product. It really works!! Even after a Zumba class. Thank you. (Kalamunda Markets) (Valley Rose, Jaisara)
Anna Western Australia, November 2011
FRESCA WOODEN SPICE- I have hunted for years for a men’s deodorant that does not irritate and actually works in hot weather when doing hard physical work. Note, I have been/ am allergic to most synthetic fragrance. These are terrific. (Perth Upmarket)
Ian Western Australia, November 2011
After many years of trying to find an aluminium free product, my mum and I were delighted to find this product. It works! (Perth Upmarket)
Sarah Highgate, Western Australia, November 2011
I love the Citrus Fresh deodorant!! Thank you for providing an alternative to the chemical laden shop deodorants. Keep up the great work. Many thanks, Suzanne. (Perth Upmarket)
Suzanne Miller, Enjo Consultant Quinns Rocks, Western Australia, November 2011
The lavender deodorant is amazing. I shall never use a traditional one again. The product works so well- lasts all day. Big Thankyou. (Perth Upmarket)
Barbara Butler Palmyra, Western Australia, November 2011
I love this product. It really works!! Even after a Zumba class. (Valley Rose, Jaisara) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Anne Kalamunda, Western Australia, November 2011
Amazing! Applied it after my nightly shower- 20 hours later after heavy exercise and gardening no BO! Will never use anything else again. Absolutely love it!!! (Wild Lavender) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Joanne Western Australia, November 2011
I found the Fresca deodorant worked very very well for me and my 13 year old daughter. Thanks. (Conscious Living Expo 2011)
Linda North Beach, Western Australia, November 2011
I use the rose deodorant. It’s lovely and works well. (Hillarys Wellness Expo)
Penny Western Australia, November 2011
Works well. Smells great. Will buy again. (Hillarys Wellness Expo)
Margo Western Australia, November 2011
I like the fragrance of the Valley Rose. It worked really well during intense exercise.
Caroline DiCamillo Melville, Western Australia, November 2011
Hi- I have tried your product now for the past 4 weeks or so and have found it to be excellent. Compared to other deodorants without aluminium. This product leaves you feeling confident all day long with no body odour whatsoever (even after working out at the gym). Thank you so much for something so reliable. I am only sorry I never knew about your products sooner! Thanks again!

Regards, Jan

Jan Pye via email, Victoria, Australia, November 2011
I found that this product does REALLY work. I have tried most natural and organic deodorants and nothing comes close to Fresca. (Conscious Living Expo) (Wooden Spice)
Shane Fremantle, Western Australia, November 2011
I have tried the product for the past few weeks and it not only smells delightful, but being a nurse, health is important to me and knowing that it is natural and not harming my body is great! Also wearing synthetic uniforms all day, I still stay fresh and find it is a great product! (Conscious Living Expo)
Krystina Pye Western Australia, November 2011
THIS PRODUCT IS FANTASTIC!! Purely natural and it works! What more do you want? And the price is great. Even in exercise it delivers and keeps you fresh.

www.ajwellness.com.au (Conscious Living Expo)

Ali Jardine, Fitness Trainer & Holistic Therapies Western Australia, November 2011
I have tried this deodorant and I have to say it is the best ever. No irritation and really works. Thanks. (Conscious Living Expo)
Valerie East Victoria Park, Western Australia, November 2011
My husband and I purchased 2 Fresca deodorants in June this year. We can both testify to these great economical, beautifully fragranced products that actually work!!! (We both attend gyms and exercise on a regular basis). We are only just re-ordering now after 4 months of use. Elda has done an amazing job in the creation of these fantastically smelling products that do not leave your armpits sticky or smelling like a chemical factory. Moreover these products do not use any ingredients that would be harmful to the body unlike commercial deodorants- what more could you want!!!!
Mark & Nathalie via email, Rockingham, Western Australia, 1 November 2011
This is wonderful stuff! The only natural deodorant that works for me! Through workouts and hot days it still works. Fantastic! (Citrus Fresh, Ocean, Valley Rose, Wild Lavender) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Rebecca City Beach, Western Australia, October 2011
Great stuff that really works! (Citrus Fresh, Wooden Spice, Ocean, Valley Rose) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Jane Shenton Park, Western Australia, October 2011
Excellent deodorant- I only use natural and this works really well. Great scents too. Thanks. (Bassendean School Fete)
Gaye Bassendean, Western Australia, October 2011
Fantastic!! Value for money and works so well. Best results compared to other deodorants. (Ocean) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Partridge Mandurah, Western Australia, October 2011
Great smell. Worked well. Fabulous. (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Melanie Western Australia, October 2011
Hi Elda, I am responding to your request for feedback.

You have made a wonderful product. I have been using another natural commercial deodorant which is chemical free but I found I would sweat a lot and it would not stop the odour. Fresca on the other hand has a great fragrance and does exactly what it claims to do! I’ll be recommending it to everyone I know. My husband uses the unisex Ocean and found it very effective, even after cycling from Perth to Melville (about 17km).

Well done on making such a great product!

Kind regards, Lisa

Lisa via email, Western Australia, October 2011
It is so nice to find a natural deodorant that actually works! My exercise junkie husband uses it every day as do I and the scents suit us both. Thank you for closing the gap in the market.
Angela Bell East Victoria Park, Western Australia, October 2011
This deodorant lasts me all day from morning to night. I like the smell as well. (Citrus Fresh)
Mark via telephone, Collie, Western Australia, October 2011
Both my husband and I are using Fresca and find it so effective. Great product.
Kate Cowley Dalkeith, Western Australia, October 2011
It is the only natural deodorant that actually works for the whole day. All others have to be reapplied every hour or so which is very irritating.
Michelle City Beach, Western Australia, October 2011
Used by myself and friend for 1 month and both agree it is the best deodorant we’ve ever used! Even still smell good after a session of boot-camp! Would recommend to all. Thank you. (Kalamunda Markets)
Machell East Fremantle, Western Australia, October 2011
The only one that has ever really worked- the whole family loves it! (Citrus is the favourite). (Kalamunda Markets)
Janette Wilson, Western Australia, October 2011
Bought this product at the March Perth Upmarket and it lasted me 6 months. One of the only ‘natural’ deodorants that actually lasts the day. Thanks. (Jaisara, Valley Rose) (Perthupmarket)
Kristy Thornlie, Western Australia, October 2011
Very impressed and thrilled with results. Tried the unscented, works so well, no breakthrough odour. Will be getting some more! (Kalamunda Markets)
Bronwyn Rockingham, Western Australia, October 2011
Have tried SO many products and this is the only one that works. It’s great. Thank you. (Unscented, Valley Rose) (Perth Upmarket)
Stacey Noranda, Western Australia, October 2011
Have come to the markets especially to stock up! This deodorant is great and really does the job! (Unscented, Citrus Fresh) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Sophie Nedlands, Western Australia, September 2011
Fabulous stuff! Never going back to traditional roll-ons. I cycle to work 8kms, don’t shower and still no smell. Amazing! (Unscented, Citrus Fresh) (Kalamunda Markets)
Caroline Carlisle, Western Australia, September 2011
Instant success! I had suffered BO for several years. From the first day of using Fresca – no more BO. And my work day goes to 8pm. Excellent, I’m getting some more. (Ocean) (Bassendean Markets)
Janice Bassendean, Western Australia, September 2011
This is a great product that lasts all day. Thoroughly recommended. (Ocean, Citrus Fresh) (Kalamunda Craft Markets)
Norm St James Noranda, Western Australia, September 2011
Have tried Citrus, Unscented and now Jaisara. Very happy with this deodorant and even happier that is has no aluminium. Very good product. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)
Liz Mt Claremont, Western Australia, September 2011
I really like the ‘ocean’ and now recommend Fresca to my friends and family because they are much better for you than normal deodorants and work really well (unlike a lot of other non-aluminium deodorants). A really great product, well worth the money! Grazie mille.
True, “Ocean” fan Kingsley, Western Australia, September 2011
I have been using this for 7 months. Nothing beats it. Well worth using. (Jaisara, Wild Lavender) (Bassendean Markets)
Sue Western Australia, September 2011
I have used almost every ‘natural’ deodorant there is and Fresca is the only one that truly works. I love it. (Valley Rose, Fremantle Markets)
Margot Ardross, Western Australia, September 2011
Have tried so many herbal and natural deodorants over the years and guess what, most didn’t work. That was until I tried Fresca’s deodorant. After 2 weeks in the Amalfi Coast I can honestly say the product is absolutely brilliant!! It works so well and smells fantastic too!! (I was walking for 4 hours a day and I just didn’t smell:) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Citrus Fresh)
Lana Troncone Western Australia, August 2011
My husband swears by it! (Citrus Fresh) Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)
Kristin Western Australia, August 2011
Very nice. Love it.
Denise Canning Vale, Western Australia, August 2011
They keep you fresh all day. I have used the Wooden Spice and Wild Lavender and both supported me during a recent trip around Australia in various climates. It has taken me 20 something years to find a natural deodorant with no hidden nasties that actually works. Well done 🙂 (Kalamunda Craft Markets)
Sharon G. Bullsbrook, Western Australia, August 2011
Beautiful. have tried many aluminium free products that do not work. Well done! (Kalamunda Craft Markets) (All fragrances)
Yvette Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, August 2011
Tried the product once before and now I’m hooked. Also very pleased to know that I’m not absorbing any chemicals into my skin. I’m always up for the natural stuff and this stuff ticks all the boxes for health and hygiene. Highly recommended. (Bassendean Markets) (Citrus Fresh, Ocean)
Muhammed Candemir Huntingdale, Western Australia, August 2011
I love your Wooden Spice deodorant! I’ve found it difficult to find a natural deodorant that actually works for me, but this one does. Thank you Fresca!
Wendy B. Bassendean Western Australia, August 2011
Purchased the Wooden Spice at the last Upmarket. Just ran out. Terrific. Ian
Ian via email, Kensington, Western Australia, August 2011
It works well- good scent and no B.O! (Valley Rose, Wild Lavender, Wooden Spice)
Fiona Bassendean, Western Australia, August 2011
Hi there – I purchased a Citrus Fresh deodorant from you at one of the markets at UWA a few weeks ago. I had, in the past, tried several other ‘natural’ deodorants and found them to be very ineffective but at your recommendation, I tried yours. It actually does work!! I am so pleased that I have found an aluminium free deodorant that works!
Sharon via email, Western Australia, July 2011
Because I work on a mine site up north in the Pilbara- it’s hard to find a deodorant that works well in the heat. I find Fresca deodorants the best by far. Bonus that they’re good for you. It’s hard to find a natural product that works so well! (Ocean, Citrus Fresh)
Scott Boddington, Western Australia, July 2011
I have been struggling to find a deodorant that I am not allergic to for AGES! I stumbled across a stall at a health fair while in Perth and thought I would try it…. It works wonders! Thankyou 🙂
Tamara Milne via email, Victoria, July 2011
I am a friend of Laura’s and I am so happy that she put me onto your deodorant. For years I have been looking for one as my skin reacts to most and the ones that I don’t react to DO NOT work. Yours does and I am so happy I finally found one after all these years and finally don’t smell anymore….. Thank you so much xx
Tina Williams via email, Western Australia, July 2011
This product is truly amazing! It WORKS. And a little lasts for a long time. (Perth Upmarket)
Amanda Kehal City Beach, Western Australia, June 2011
Bought this at the last market. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! (Citrus Fresh)
Jesamine Perth Upmarket, Western Australia, 26 June 2011
Have been using since last upmarket. Definitely the best natural deodorant I have used over the last 5 years. Would recommend to anyone wanting to avoid aluminium. (Wooden Spice)
Diana May Perth Upmarket, Western Australia, 26 June 2011
I have tried for years to find a deodorant that won’t cause a horrible reaction on my body. Finally after trying Fresca, I am delighted (and so is my wife) that I can now wear an effective and safe deodorant. Thanks.
Ian and Katie Brown via email, Western Australia, June 2011
My daughter is Rachael Cooper from Rener Health Products.

Following my request to Rachael to introduce me to a chemical free underarm deodorant due to some health issues that I am currently facing, Rachael suggested that I try your product.

I have now been using it for several weeks and find not only the fragrance to be very pleasant but that it also works to my complete satisfaction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your fine product to anyone seeking a chemical free alternative to the regular products offered in the market place.

Regards, Phil

Phil Cooper, Sales Manager via Email, Western Australia, June 2011
Tried this product last market day. LOVED IT! Have used it every day and now back for more. It is fabulous. (Jaisara) (Kalamunda Markets)
Michelle Western Australia, June 2011
I have tried many natural deodorants and this one really works. I am loving the Valley Rose.
Jennifer, Director, bkind Subiaco, June 2011
Dear Fresca,

I have been meaning to send you my testimonial for quite a while. I purchased my first bottle of deodorant at Kalamunda Markets just before Christmas 2010, and was not only impressed with the beautiful perfume of the deodorant which always calms me, loved how it didn’t make any marks on my clothes, loved that it is aluminium free, and was impressed with how well it worked, even in 37 degree heat whilst packing up my house to move to Namibia. When I ran out in Namibia, I then organised for 4 bottles to be sent to a colleague to bring over to me in Namibia. Happiness!! I look forward to using Fresca for a long time in the future.

Kimberley Hutson via email, Namibia, Africa, June 2011
Yes, it does really work! And it smells nice, doesn’t react with sensitive skin. (Valley Rose) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Lee. H Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, June 2011
Always had scratchie arm pits! This is my third purchase for my husband and I and wouldn’t buy anything else. (Wooden Spice) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
June Canning Vale, Western Australia, June 2011
Found the product absolutely brilliant. Nothing has ever worked as well. Definitely will keep using it. (Wild Lavender) (Kalamunda Markets)
Jodie Wattle Grove, Western Australia, June 2011
Super stuff!! The only natural deodorant I’ve found that actually works. Great! (Bassendean Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Nadine Western Australia, May 2011
Fantastic natural product that actually works!! Have tried every product out there and finally success. Thank you so much. (Bassendean Markets) (Valley Rose, Wooden Spice)
Rachel King Swan Valley, Western Australia, May 2011
I have used other natural deodorants but nothing as good as this. My favourite ones are the Wild Lavender and Citrus Fresh. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Christine Young Western Australia, May 2011
Have to say, I thought home-made deodorant was a bit wierd but I gave it a go and it really works. It’s fantastic. I don’t smell at all. If I use the other natural deodorants I do get a bit smelly, but not with this stuff. Also, I only need to use it sparingly. (Fremantle Markets) (Wooden Spice)
Raphael Pereira Western Australia, May 2011
Great deodorant. No longer do I suffer from rashes that other so called natural deodorants give. Well done and nice to know it is a WA product. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Wild Lavender)
Judy Doubleview, Western Australia, May 2011
Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick email to say that your deodorant is working well! I met you a little while ago at Hillary’s, and I was hoping that the deodorant would be able to stand up to my training at cheerleading. I’ve found that as long as I put it on before training, it works fantastically! At any other point in the day it works great too, and I am very happy to finally have a safe non animal tested deodorant that works so well. I’ve just bought two more bottles!

Anyway, thanks, and maybe I’ll bump into you when my next bottles run out and I need to get some more!

Rebecca Nuske via email, Western Australia, May 2011
LOVE IT. Since using the Fresca deodorant, I have decided to not use any other as it is the only natural deodorant to work all summer long. It is brilliant and contains no nasties. I have been using it for 7 months. THE BEST! (Wild Lavender, Jaisara) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Robyn Western Australia, May 2011
This deodorant is extremely effective. My partner and I use these products daily, especially when we do physical training and find the results very positive. During the training session and post training we both still feel and smell fresh. An awesome product with the added benefits of essential oils. (Wild Lavender, Wooden Spice) (Mt Claremont Farmers Markets)
Francine. D Scarborough, Western Australia, May 2011
Great deodorant. No longer do I suffer from rashes that other so called natural deodorants give. Well done and nice to know it is a WA product. (Wild Lavender) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Judy Doubleview, Western Australia, May 2011
I have tried many non- antiperspirant deodorants- this is the only one that seems to really work- the scents are gorgeous. (Wild Lavender) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Gill Gooseberry Hill, Western Australia, May 2011
After the first try was very impressed with the smell and afterwards after wearing it for a while was more impressed. IT WORKS!! (Citrus Fresh) (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Helen Ballajura, Western Australia, May 2011
Dear Elda

My husband had been using the Fresca Wooden Spice and Citrus Fresh and it has definitely made him a calmer person. It smells wonderful and I would highly recommend this product as a natural alternative to commercial products. Many thanks.

Sharon. M Lesmurdie, Western Australia, May 2011
Great deodorant! I tried all sorts of natural deodorants and they didn’t really work. I bought this one two weeks ago and haven’t been using anything since! Thanks! (Poynter Farmers Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Conny Padbury, Western Australia, May 2011
For many years I’ve had an adverse reaction to conventional deodorants. Since using Fresca deodorant, particularly Wooden Spice, I’ve experienced no adverse reactions. I first discovered Fresca deodorant in December 2010 and have continued to use it daily ever since. I’d highly recommend this product for anyone who has sensitive skin or prone to dermatological issues.
Matt. P Joondalup, Western Australia, April 2011
Hi Elda. I received the two deodorants yesterday, thanks for the speedy service, lovely packaging and personal note. I bought my first Fresca at the recent Upmarket and both my partner and I absolutely love it. We have tried many natural deodorants over the years, but only Fresca has managed to keep us “fresh” all day, no matter how high our stress levels. Great product!
Francesca Perino Mi:skn Clinic, Highgate, Western Australia, via email, April 2011
I love the Fresca deodorant, I don’t usually like a roll on though the Fresca range is fantastic and it lasts all day. (Wooden Spice)
Sandra. P Bayswater, via email, April 2011
This stuff really works- and works WELL! (Kalamunda Village Markets)
Mark Kalamunda, April 2011
I have bought all 5 deodorants scents. They are FANTASTIC! They really work. That’s the best thing. Well done. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Anna V. South Perth, April 2011
A few months ago, I had the good fortune to be in some commercial offices when the owner and creator of Fresca Natural products arrived with some samples. My previous trials of aluminium-free deodorants had left me sceptical of their effectiveness, however, I firmly believe in giving local producers a go, so tootled home with a bottle of the Citrus Fresh deodorant. I am happy to say my doubts were unfounded and I am now a convert! The deodorant smells great on application, and it stays with me all day, even with a bout of hard physical exercise. So… if you want to go aluminium-free, support local business, and feel fresh all day, I would highly recommend giving the Fresca Natural range a go. (Citrus Fresh)
Jane Billham Secret Harbour, via email, April 2011
Hi, I bought a couple of your deodorants at the UWA Perth Upmarket a couple weeks ago. I have been using it since and it works amazing. I have tried at least 10 different brands of aluminium free deodorants and this is by far the best one. I even got my husband to try the citrus one and he loves it!! He plays sports and has a busy life and the product is working really well. Thank you!!! (Perth Upmarket) (Citrus Fresh)
Fransisca Fremantle, via email, April 2011
Surprise! It actually works! Fantastic product. (Mt Claremont Farmers Markets) (Citrus Fresh, Wild Lavender, Valley Rose)
Caroline S. March 2011
A truly wonderful natural deodorant. No side effects. The lavender oils and other ingredients really work well together. The bottle lasts a long time, about 5 months. Will definitely let friends know as it is very effective being a natural product compared to others on the market. (Mt Claremont Markets) (Wild Lavender)
Emily Mt Claremont, March 2011
Been using your products for 4 months. Fabulous! Best natural deodorant yet. Have tried at least a dozen different brands. BUY LOCAL You’ll love it! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Citrus Fresh)
Nancy March 2011

-works well and no irritation

-beautiful fragrance

(Mt Claremont Farmers Markets, Valley Rose)

Eeva-Lusa Mt Claremont, March 2011
I wanted to thank you for making such a gorgeous and very effective product. I bought the Fresca Citrus deodorant at the Kalamunda Markets about 6 weeks ago and noticed an immediate difference. I am really pleased with it. Makes me feel fresh and odour free and I love the scent. Kind regards, Carol
Carol via email, March 2011
Purchased the Citrus Fresh and my 21 year old daughter did the testing and was amazed “it actually works”. Great stuff, no nasty toxins, keep up the good work. (Mt Claremont Markets and Fremantle Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Maria C. March 2011
What a wonderful product. So lovely to be able to purchase a product that is all natural, works like a dream and smells delicious. My boyfriend wears it every day as a tradie and swears by it. He will never buy another deodorant again. Thanks! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Jaisara)
Kylie Nedlands, March 2011
Good for men too! No staining of clothing and doesn’t smell too strong. (Mt Claremont and Fremantle Markets)
Glen Kardinya, March 2011
Deodorant works wonderfully. No shower this morning (got up late!) and still smell nice. Thank you. (Fremantle Markets) (Wooden Spice)
Lorna Parkwood, March 2011
It actually works! I’m a sweaty Betty! (Fremantle Markets) (Wild Lavender)
Michele (AKA Sweaty Betty) March 2011
Finally found a natural deodorant that actually works. Also lovely fragrance. (Kalamunda Markets) (Wooden Spice)
Robyn March 2011
The BEST aluminium free deodorant I’ve tried. Only needed to use it x1 per day. Well worth the price- it lasted 3 months. (Kalamunda Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Anne Lesmurdie, March 2011
What a wonderful surprise to find you at Kalamunda Markets and the product is amazing. Only one application and it works all day. A great feeling to find a product that works so well without any nasties leeching into my body. I will be back in April for more supplies and spreading the word to my friends. Thank you. (Kalamunda Village Market)
Nerida C. via email, March 2011
THIS STUFF IS THE BEST!! I’ve tried so many different natural deodorants that just didn’t cut it. This Fresca stuff is brilliant and leaves my underarms non-icky at the end of the day!! Thanks. (Mt Claremont Markets) (Wooden Spice)
Andrew (WOODEN SPICE IS MY FAV!) February 2011
This really works! I have used the Citrus Fresh fragrance and find it really refreshing as well as effective and I love the fact that it is made from natural products. (Kalamunda Village Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Jackie Gooseberry Hill, February 2011
Best “natural” deodorant I have tried… and this is about #6! Great effort. Cheers. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Citrus Fresh and Wooden Spice)
Paul.R City Beach, February 2011
I only use products that are chemical free and this product is a real winner. It works and I like the assurance of wearing a product that is safe. (Kalamunda Village Markets) (Citrus Fresh)
Raylene Lesmurdie, February 2011
I bought your deodorant Wild Lavender just before Christmas at the Kalamunda Markets. I love it, I have super sensitive armpits and this product causes no irritation and just smells fantastic. I’ll be back for more 🙂
Phran (via email), February 2011
Finally a deodorant that really works. I only needed one application and it lasted all day. UNBELIEVABLE!! Loved the fragrance and best of all loved the fact I wasn’t putting any nasties onto my skin and in my body. Thanks Elda!! 🙂 (Old Perth Road Markets, Bassendean) (Citrus Fresh)
Esmeralda Hope (Flower Essence & Mind-Body Medicine Therapist) Karrinyup, January 2011
What a terrific product. I usually buy Tom’s Natural deodorant in the States in bulk as it’s been my preferred natural choice- until now! This is a fantastic product! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)(Citrus Fresh)
Peggy Dalkeith, January 2011
IT WORKS!! (“Have tried millions of others from supermarkets- this is the best.”) (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)
Radojka Carine, January 2011
I enjoy using Fresca very much knowing that it is made with natural products and ‘it works’. Have given it to friends as a gift. I usually buy Citrus Fresh. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)
Lorraine Mt Claremont, January 2011
Wooden Spice, Citrus, Unscented, Valley Rose- tried them all, everyone in the family loves them. (Mt Claremont Market)
Fern Mt Claremont, January 2011
Fresca, this product actually works! I was surprised how well- in the heat we’ve had. Fragrance is lovely. No sticky feeling and doesn’t stain my clothes. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.) (Wild Lavender)
Sonia Organic Bread, January 2011
I have tried many natural deodorants but this one REALLY WORKS! (Mt Claremont Markets)
Lisa City Beach, January 2011
Fresca! I was thrilled!! The smell was lovely and I felt fresh all day. There was no staining from the oils. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.) (Wooden Spice)
Lindsey Churchlands, January 2011
A wonderful and successful product. I adore it. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Dinah North Fremantle, January 2011
I have tried many natural products that have been ineffective. Fresca was recommended to me and after using it for one week, I thoroughly recommend the product. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.) (Valley Rose)
Donna Bedford, January 2011
Great Product! No Aluminium. Good on you! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Nada Subiaco, January 2011
It’s been a hot week and it works!! (Joondalup Upmarket)
Lynda Sarich City of Wanneroo, January 2011
It’s the only natural deodorant that works! (Mt Claremont Farmers Markets)
June Cottesloe, January 2011
FANTASTIC! Have used other natural products and never been happy, lasts all day! (Kalamunda Art & Craft Markets)
Angela Bassendean, January 2011
It has been the only product that has worked on my teenager. Fantastic product. I can’t believe how good it works! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market.)
Anonymous Floreat, January 2011
I have been using this product for a couple of months and it works! I would recommend this natural product. (Kalamunda Art & Craft Markets)
Veronica Kalamunda, January 2011
I purchased Valley Rose at last month’s markets and have been using it ever since. It is fabulous and I am happy to have found something good for my skin that actually works. (Old Perth Road Markets, Bassendean)
Janine Mirrabooka, January 2011

2010 Thank you reviews

BRILLIANT! Works amazingly well. I have tried other natural products and have not been impressed. This works but without the yucky chemicals! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Wild Lavender)
Wendy Cottesloe, December 2010
Great product, works in all situations. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market) (Wooden Spice)
Blair Mt Claremont, December 2010
LOVE this product! Smells great, works well + chemical free! Very happy. (Kalamunda Art & Craft Market)
Anonymous December 2010
I’ve been using Fresca Natural for over a week now during a week of 35+ degree days and I’m really pleased with the results. No Smell! I highly recommend it. Back to buy more! (Joondalup Upmarket.)
Justine Barsley Director- Perth Upmarket, December 2010
This product is fabulous, very effective, great fragrance. (Kalamunda Art & Craft Market)
Denise Vogela Darlington, December 2010
This combination of the essential oils just make this product more than a deodorant. Being a NuSkin (devoted) user and rep I am truly impressed by this natural product. So now I have a choice of 2 wonderful products. Well done! (Midland Art & Craft Market)
Sylvia Perth WA to Highlands Scotland, December 2010
This is a fabulous product. I thoroughly recommend it to everyone. (Kalamunda Art & Craft Market)
Kevin Shaskey Perth City, December 2010
I have to say having tried a fair few ‘natural’ ‘aluminium free’ products, I was rather sceptical but at $10 I thought ‘why not?’ WELL it was 36 degrees on Monday and yes I perspired but it was not wet under my arms or smelly. So this week I’ve come to buy one for my mum to send to the UK. Let’s avoid breast cancer ladies. xx (Joondalup Upmarket)
Karen Hues Iluka, December 2010
Just to say thank you for introducing me to this deodorant at Bassendean markets. For the last 20 years, I have used the major brands but all of a sudden my armpits started to burn and I had to shave my underarm hair and apply aloe vera to cool it down and relive the pain. I then tested some none aluminium ones like the crystal salt sticks but wasn’t confident of their performance as I could still detect the “body smell” near the end of the working day. So after using the Citrus Fresh for the last 3 weeks (I cycle 23kms a day and shower at work) it is great, it dry quickly, doesn’t leave any marks on my darker shirts but best of all, it lasts all day til the next morning, even after cycling home. (Old Perth Road Markets, Bassendean)
Sean Bayswater – November 2010
This is a fantastic product. Buy it, use it, you will not be disappointed. I suffer with allergies and have tried lots of deodorants which don’t work. This really does. Thanks (Joondalup Upmarket)
Tracey Mindarie – November 2010
Have used a lot of other deodorants alum free but nothing compares to Fresca deodorants. I am a carpenter and it works all day, lasts and lasts. (Old Perth Road Markets, Bassendean)
Peter Dolan Guildford (Wooden Spice) – November 2010
Absolutely fantastic product!!! Smells divine and actually works! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Linda Ferrier Mt Pleasant – November 2010
Works in 40+ heat up north on the mines- fantastic. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Kevin Scarborough (Wooden Spice) – November 2010
Love the rose oil deodorant. No reaction on my skin, which is so sensitive. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Trish Scarborough (Valley Rose) – November 2010
Fresca is excellent. Can work for 2 hours in the garden and still smell fresh. Amazing! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Julie City Beach (Citrus Fresh) – November 2010
First time these al-free actually work!! Tried many, all rubbish!! (They didn’t work) (Joondalup Upmarket)
Philippa Hillarys – November 2010
An excellent product – it really works!! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Gemma Bond Peppermint Grove (Citrus Fresh) – November 2010
I have tried numerous natural and unnatural deodorants with only passable results. Your deodorant is the first to absolutely work- even in +40 heat! Thankyou! (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Karen Mt Claremont – November 2010
It works- have tried other aluminium free and this is the best. (Old Perth Road Markets, Bassendean)
Margaret Lockridge (Wild Lavender) – November 2010
Absolutely love it. Amazed to how effective it is with one application. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Dr S.Kaplan Claremont (Wooden Spice) – November 2010
Un-perfumed deodorant works soooo well. I can’t speak highly enough of it. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Kay Wembley (Unscented) – November 2010
Works @ 40+ heat all day. The best. (Mt Claremont Farmers Market)
Cindy Mt Pleasant – November 2010
I knew Fresca Natural really worked when I cuddled my 4 year old son and he said “Mum, you smell nice!” This was after a few hours working in the garden and a busy day being a mother of two active children. What a bonus it is made exclusively from food-grade materials and has aromatherapy benefits as well. I will definitely be ditching the chemicals and using only Fresca Natural Deodorant from now on.
Nicole Perth, Western Australia – October 2010
Pits are wet but no stink! I wear it all the time now… and feel wrong putting an antiperspirant on, especially now that I have the choice!
Fiona Inglewood, Western Australia – October 2010
I had to call my friend after I wore the deodorant to the gym. I was so surprised how well it worked. I was actually amazed. I smelt like a flower.
Antonella Booragoon, Western Australia – September 2010
I’ve been using Wild Lavender for a year now and I just don’t smell anymore. I can wear my t-shirts the day after because they don’t smell of sweat. That’s also good for the environment because I don’t have to wash my clothes as often. Thanks Fresca Natural.
Dana Dianella, Western Australia – May 2010
I wear Wooden Spice to work, and I work outside. I’ve had some very sweaty days, but I come home and my wife doesn’t say that I pong of BO anymore.

Oh yeah, I only apply it once a day, the bottle lasts ages.

Wayne at work Cloverdale, Western Australia – March 2010
I tried Fresca Natural Deodorant last summer during one of the hottest summers we’ve had in years. Being a ‘natural’ product I expected that it wouldn’t be as good as a supermarket brand, but I was really surprised. It worked, and worked better than my old supermarket brand. There was no smell! I’m really glad there’s something I can use that doesn’t have chemicals in it.
Sharron Perth, Western Australia – January 2010