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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there aluminium in your products?
Definitely not! Our bodies are born to breathe and regulate core body temperature. Aluminium blocks the sweat glands and stops your body from perspiring causing stress and toxicity build up.
Are your products pore clogging?

None of Fresca's products are comedogenic (pore clogging). Fresca Natural deodorants contain no aluminium chlorohydrate or similar to block your sweat glands.My healing Hydraskin Elixir formula does not contain any of the following listed products which are comedogenic (pore-clogging). I have had many customers actually come back to me surprised that my 21 oils in my elixir stopped their acne break-outs! (That’s because I use only the best oils that I would use on my body and share them with you.) I have found a list below of the common ingredients that are put in cosmetic products that are pore clogging. Acetylated Lanolin, Acetylated Lanolin Alcohol, Algae Extract, Algin, Butyl Stearate, Carrageenan, Cetearyl Alcohol + Ceteareth 20, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Butter, Coconut Oil, Colloidal Sulfur, Corn Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Crisco, D & C Red # 17, D & C Red # 21, D & C Red # 3, D & C Red # 30, D & C Red # 36, Decyl Oleate, Disodium Monooleamido PEG 2-Sulfosuccinate, Ethoxylated Lanolin, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Glyceryl-3-Diisostearate, Hexadecyl Alcohol, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Isocetyl Stearate, Isodecyl Oleate, Isopropyl Isosterate, Isopropyl Myristate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Isostearyl Isostearate, Isostearyl Neopentanoate, Laureth-23, Laureth-4, Lauric Acid, Mink Oil, Myristic Acid, Myristic Acid, Myristyl Lactate, Myristyl Myristate, Octyl Palmitate, Octyl Stearate, Oleth-3, Oleyl Alcohol, PEG 16 Lanolin, PEG 200 Dilaurate, PEG 8 Stearate, PPG 2 Myristyl Propionate, Polyglyceryl-3-Diisostearate, Potassium Chloride, Propylene Glycol Monostearate, Red Algae, Shark Liver Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Solulan 16, Sorbitan Oleate. Sorbitan Sesquinoleate, Soybean Oil, Steareth 10, Stearic Acid Tea, Stearyl Heptanoate, Sulfated Castor Oil, Sulfated Jojoba Oil, Syearyl Heptanoate, Wheat Germ Glyceride, Wheat Germ Oil, Xylene

What is an emmenogogue essential oil?
This classification of essential oil has been used to describe essential oils that have been known to assist with uterine health and menstrual regularity. For this reason we recommend that only the Citrus Fresh can be used in pregnancy as there are no traces of emmenogogue essential oils in this fragrance. The Wild Lavender can be used after the first trimester.
Can i use your products if I am pregnant?
We have two formulations for pregnancy, Citrus Fresh. After the first trimester, Wild Lavender.
Is your deodorant suitable for children?
Yes, our deodorants are suitable for children, tweens and teens. Our deodorants are 100% natural and contain no chemicals. Fragrances recommended for children are Wild Lavender or Jaisara for the girls and Wooden Spice or Ocean for the boys. These fragrances contain essential oils blends that are soothing on the skin, great for emotional balance and calmness.
Do you test your products on animals?

Fresca Natural does not test any of our products on animals. New products are tested on friends and family. If it doesn't work for us, we don't sell it.

Does your deodorant really work?
Yes! The formulation dries quickly on the skin and creates an environment where the bacteria that causes your body odour cannot live to give your body odour. Therefore your body can breathe and perspire naturally. I have received so many testimonials from customers that can’t believe it really works! I am especially happy to hear from people that use my deodorants who play netball, cycle, tennis, run, do yoga, zumba and are generally busy, active people doing exercise.
Why is Hydraskin Elixir so special?
We won the inuagural Australian Non-Toxic Award 2019 for the Category Skincare: Facial Serum! Contrary to all the marketing hype that oil on your skin will make you break-out- WHEN you use high quality oils that are good for the skin, the opposite will happen. Hydraskin elixir was actually a healing oil that I developed to help heal my own internal c-section scar that didn’t heal after 3 years. It was quite by accident that I put it on my face because I didn’t want to wash all the precious (and expensive) oils that I had purchased to help myself. The 21 oils in the Hydraskin Elixir have incredible skin benefit properties that are actually visible from the moment you apply it to your skin. It helps your body to be able to generate healthy skin cells from deep within the dermal layer and my formulation of oils leaves your skin glowing, not greasy and oily. Common properties of numerous essential oils in my Hydraskin Elixir will assist with balancing sebum control on your skin. In easy English, it will help your skin if it’s oily, dry or normal. Why? My Hydraskin Elixir is a unique blend of essential oils in a beautiful light cold pressed base of carrier oils that will help your skin become healthier, plump and assist with age related signs of wrinkles, blemishes and dry patches. It’s suitable for all skin types and any age. I have customers that use it for their dry cuticles, dry elbows, eczema and other skin problems. It cleans, nourishes and hydrates your skin all at the same time. You might think it’s too good to be true- but it’s Mother Nature at work here. And she is an incredible healer and nurturer to human kind.
What made you com up with the idea to make aluminium free deodorant?
I lost a few close friends to different types of cancers and I have two little girls of my own. I became increasingly conscious of all the chemicals that go into cosmetic products and decided that I didn’t want to put chemicals right next to my major lymph glands right next to my armpits. I have had very sensitive skin under my arms all my life. As a child I remember them always being red and itchy and my mother would apply a chamomile ointment on them to help reduce the inflammation. When I decided to try out natural deodorants that were available, I was always disappointed that they didn’t work, made me smell so much worse or irritated my skin. I made my deodorant for me and now I am able to share it to the world. I have been using it now since 2010 without any of these problems. My customers love my deodorants, it works for them and contains no nasty chemicals. It’s my dream to help heal the world one armpit at a time! I love the application from a roll-on bottle. It’s fast and convenient and there’s no waste with the product or messy fingers.
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