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SUMMAR Natural Perfume Finalist 2023

Natural Parfum Oil Summar is a finalist in the Clean and Conscious Awards 2023

It’s hush-hush no more, Fresca Natural’s SUMMAR natural perfume is listed as finalist in the Clean and Conscious Awards 2023!

SUMMAR is a fragrance inspired by bygone days of walking bare feet in the meadows. It’s a natural perfume that takes you back to the bygone days of felling the grass between your toes and the warm wafting summer breeze lifting your hair. This wonderous fragrance that carries you through the day until night. Summar is a beautiful¬† layering of natural flower essences that changes with your skin as the day passes to unveil the enchanting essence of you.

Elda Kingston, has crafted this natural oil perfume based on the stories her mother has share from her childhood days living in the Croatian country side. Tilling the lands, watching the birds and smelling the meadow flowers in the summer time on the hillside.

With no shoes and a flowing smock of her mother’s childhood memories, Elda has encapsulated time in this fragrance using traditional European flowers of tuberose, hyacinth and mimosa with a hint of rose and a cleanliness of linen. An inspired and heartfelt fragrance in honor of her mother.

Sustainability and recycling

Carrying on with the tradition of repurposing, we have extended our kimono pockets to package this SUMMAR fragrance in a frosted glass roll on applicator.

Try it today! 

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