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Valley Rose Natural Deodorant: A Luxurious Scent with Surprising Benefits

I remember as child, smelling the scarlet roses in my Aunt’s garden.

The essential oil of rose otto flowers is the signature fragrance in our Valley Rose deodorant.

The essential oil of rose otto flowers is the signature fragrance in our Valley Rose deodorant.

Standing there for what seemed like an eternity, I would close my eyes and let the fragrance enchant every cell in my body. It just made sense to create my Valley Rose Natural Deodorant using Bulgarian rose otto (rosa damascena) essential oil, the most expensive essential oil in the world. A tiny 2 ml of pure rose otto essential oil sells for an astounding AUD$229! Why? Distillers use tens of thousands of rose blossoms to create just 1 ounce of this precious oil. Rose otto essential oil lends this natural deodorant a romantic, feminine fragrance. 

Benefits of Rose Otto Oil

Rose otto oil, also known as “the queen of oils”, is the most treasured and precious in the world. For thousands of years, people have used rose otto oil for its physical and mental health benefits. In fact, Cleopatra formulated her cosmetics with rose otto oil.

Rose otto oil has several benefits for the body:

  • Rose oil balances hormones, and as a result can increase sex drive.
  • Additionally, rose oil promotes a healthy heart. 
  • Rose oil also moisturizes the skin, which is especially vital to the delicate underarm area.
  • Rose oil’s antiseptic and antibacterial compounds destroy bacteria that cause unpleasant odours and acne.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce irritation common in the underarm area.
  • Rose oil treats skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Rose oil boosts the immune system, protecting against viruses like the common cold.
  • It can also fade scars and stretch marks. 

Furthermore, rose otto essential oil has many positive effects on the mind, and can even fight depression. A study in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice demonstrated rose otto oil’s remarkable ability to reduce feelings of postpartum depression in mothers. Plus, rose oil’s sensual fragrance boosts feelings of love and can reduce feelings of anxiety.

I made my Valley Rose Natural Deodorant from the highest quality natural ingredients with absolutely no toxic chemicals, hidden preservatives, or alcohol. Additionally, I formulated this award-winning natural deodorants with moisturizing essential oils and aerated salt. These ingredients naturally prevent unwanted odours all day long. Finally, my deodorants are non-sticky and quick-drying, so you don’t need to wait for them to dry to get dressed.

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