It’s Italian for fresh!

Marnie sent me this beach side video she made about my natural deodorants today. I am totally blown away that my customers go to so much trouble to help spread the word about my natural deodorants. She says, “Fresca, It’s Italian for fresh!”

We’re coming to you from sunny Australia

Getting a fresh perspective on the emotions that come from finding a product that you’ve been searching is that ‘ah-ha’ moment in your day.

Because I live my passion to help people, I kind of think it’s a normal way to feel. But when I see a customer who also feels this way too, it’s one of the best feelings you can experience.

I like to think of it as paying it forward. My knowledge to help others with my products.

Who am I?

In our busy workshop today, I was talking to Sharon, whom you might know from the handwritten notes we add to our orders. She asked me how I knew so much about plants, oils and blending. I jokingly said that I was the ‘plant whisperer!‘ Oh, like the horse whisperer and the dog whisperer? She mused.

How plants communicate

Haha- we had a good laugh about that. People might think that plants don’t speak, make noises or bark like a dog. Maybe for most they look silent, but for me they do communicate. They communicate with their aromas, how their oils pour from the bottle and how they make me feel. Plants give me fresh ideas everyday.

Fresca deodorants are fresh.
Fresca deodorants are fresh.

I can feel the goodness in my oils, and how they will help my body. From my deodorants to my facial serums, I know how they make me feel. It’s my wish to give that feeling to other women. Remember Fresca: It’s Italian for fresh! And it’s all natural too.

Love your body

Do what you love and love what you do. I am more than grateful to see that healthy women, just like Marnie are loving their bodies and making the switch. Above all else, treat your body as a temple. Nourish it and look after it. As Marnie says in her video, you’ll be blessed for it.

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