Choose natural

Being Natural is totally up to you!

Everyday we make choices. When to set the alarm, what to wear to work, decisions about lunch and dinner, getting the best out of ourselves and our families.

Our choices are endless and more and more people are making life changing decisions to live more naturally. Smaller houses, community gardens and eating unprocessed foods make us better people.

You can make the right choice today. Go natural! Swap out what you know you should for something that is better for you.

Then it occurred to me that I’d really made this choice 9 years ago. To swap out products that I was using everyday that weren’t good for me, my family or my heart and soul.

Changes in my life

Needless to say that when I started making my own deodorants, it was the beginning of a huge change for my life. No more soft drinks, no more chemical laden skin care, more walking, more eating of unprocessed foods, feeling happier. And so my choices that started with this or that, are what I do everyday. Diets are fads. They come and go, but the real products that help us everyday, stay. Don’t get me wrong, I love my coffee and chocolates! But I love them more now that I have a better understanding of my healthier environment. So it’s not so bad when I enjoy them.

My Fresca Natural family. A new generation.

As for my deodorant, I still hand make it all. It’s still made from food grade ingredients with my love sprinkled on each bottle as a blessing for the healthy choices that people are making. And to think that over the last 9 years, I have saved my body nearly one liter of chemicals. I’m thankful for that. And now that my daughters are growing up and understanding their world, I will also encourage them to make healthy choices. After all, each choice we make is totally up to you!