Sensitive Skin needs natural deodorants

Another thought today, this time from Shelley regarding her sensitive skin in her armpits and using my deodorant. Customers like Shelley are my real inspiration to continue to make and develop all natural products.

Sensitive Skin


“Name: Shelley
Email: s***********
Subject: The wonderful Fresca deodorant

Message: Recently, yet again, I returned to your stand at the recent Upmarket to restock my deodorant supply for the next few months.  For more than two years I have been using your deodorant  and now hugely rely on the Fresca formula for my underarm skin health.  I think I mentioned to you that my ageing skin has become increasingly sensitive and Fresca deodorant has been my answer.  Best discovery ever.

Many thanks.  Shelley”

Skin Health

Our skin is our biggest organ of our body. It is also highly absorbent to many products we put on our bodies. Our blood passes through many cells where nutrients are absorbed, or removed as a waste product. This system is great for natural ingredients that the body can use, recognise and then dispose of. Similarly, there are many chemicals that are absorbed through our skin which our bodies consequently can’t recognize. Many of these synthetic chemicals cannot be removed easily if at all. They are stored in our skin and other parts of the body. So we end up being a rubbish tip for these chemicals which eventually catches up with our health.

Natural Ingredients

Did you know that all plant cells are recognizable by our bodies? Almost every botanical cell has the same structural footprint as our human cells. After all, plants and humans have been developing together for thousands of years. Have you tried to give your body a chemical break? Have you tried to to eat less processed foods and choose body care products that are all natural? Furthermore, it’s a better choice. Shelley’s words today are a testament to our values to create products with food grade and botanical ingredients. After 2 years of wearing our deodorants and her understanding of how our products help her sensitive skin, have you tried making the discovery today with Fresca Natural deodorants?

Yours in good health,
Elda xox

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