Roll-on Deodorants

Why have I chosen to make Roll-on Deodorants?

I’ve had many people ask me about my roll-on deodorants. Why did I make them? Can you make a spray? What do you think of sticks and cream pastes?

It’s about convenience

I love the convenience and no waste method of the roll-on deodorant. Not only that, I don’t get my fingers full of product, my nails stay clean and therefore I don’t need to wash my hands (water is a precious resource you know!). The other thing I love so much about the traditional roll-on application is also that I am not breathing in any chemicals that come from a spray (think haze in the girls toilets at school or your son’s bedroom). And the sticks? Well they would be my next best option, but I find that they get hard and hurt my skin.

All natural

Citrus Fresh All Natural Deodorant

So after convenience, the next most important thing is that my deodorants are all natural. So natural you could eat them! Crazy thought I know but it’s true. All natural, food grade based gel that glides on your skin. It’s quickly absorbed and leaves me with no residue or sticky skin-peel feeling. Actually our pH tested deodorant would give you some of the recommended daily intake of alkalizing salt for your body. Nearly half the recommended daily amount of 43%! This is great news because I have often heard of the phrase, “if you can’t eat it then don’t put it on your skin”. Now I can add this nutritional science backed fact to my slip sliding roll-on deodorant. (Of course it’s not a food item and it’s not intended to replace any daily meals or snack options! Just stating the obvious here.)

Not tested on animals

Animal cruelty free

If I had to make a spray, a cream or a stick, unfortunately I couldn’t say that it’s all natural. What I have been finding lately is that just because it says aluminum free, doesn’t mean it’s all natural, or vegan friendly or not tested on animals. Turn over and read the ingredient labels.

Fragrance headaches

I have had so many people tell me about synthetic fragrances giving them headaches and activating migraines. (I’m one of those people too and can’t even do 3 minutes of a soy based candle that has something other than essential oils.) I also kind of felt this way the other day when I walked through the deodorant isle after a lady had been smelling the sprays. No fear! Only essential oils are used to fragrance our roll-on deodorants. And I will add that each fragrance is bespoke to our brand.

Gel based formula

The most common surprise I receive from people using roll-on deodorant is that it doesn’t rip out their hairy armpits – myth busted! (I’m talking about the guys here) and it doesn’t need to be rubbed hard on the skin, or softened under the armpit whilst brushing your teeth. We actually make sure that our roll on bottles glide our sexy smelling deodorant gel under our arms to give you the ultimate feeling of smooth and silky!

Using a roll-on deodorant

And if you think you’re in the minority, you’re not alone. Over 25% of people prefer to use a roll-on deodorant. And just for that, I will continue to make my products each week, knowing that I am providing a service to the traditional followers, who ultimately are saving water, not polluting the air, are saving time and being gentle to their skin.

To find out more about our deodorants you can visit our frequently asked questions page here.

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