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The Australian Non-Toxic Award winner for best natural facial serum is Hydraskin Elixir!

Hydraskin Elixir Winner of Australian Non Toxic Awards Best facial serum
Hydraskin Elixir Winner of Australian Non Toxic Awards Best facial serum

It’s official! Hydraskin Elixir wins best natural facial serum by Australian Non-Toxic Awards.


The Australian Non-Toxic Awards seek to make it easier, less confusing and quicker for all of us to make the best non-toxic choices.

The Australian Non-Toxic Awards is the only one of its to recognise products which are made with the highest ehtics and standards in ingredients and materials. They celebrate the best in non-toxic and socially responsible products. Entries were subject to very strict criteria and were judged on:

  • standards of non-toxic ingredients
  • material and quality
  • function and social responsibility

The Judges

The judges had a strict criteria and months of judging to undertake finalists in each category.

Emily Fletcher, Founder of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards and her expert panel of judges consisted of Amina Kitching, Founder and Editor at Organic Beauty Brands and Safe Cosmetics Australia, Corrine Sultana, Project Manager for The Low Tox Project Community, Emma Freeman, passionate about living health and free lance writer for over a decade for body+soul, ABC and content creator, Krystal Prisk, Marketing expert and Manager of Campaing Success Guru.

The Formulator

It has been a labor of love for creator and formulator, Elda Kingston, Founder of Fresca Natural.

Multi Award Winning Formulator,
Elda Kingston

A multi award recipient for her products, she doesn’t do anything by halves and won’t cut corners on the ingredients she uses. Whilst it is difficult for her to educate people that her products are multi- layering for the body, mind and spirit, she has not given up on her vision that plants provide our bodies with natural healing.

“When I learned that my Hydraskin Elixir was the winner for this years category, skincare facial serum, I was absolutely breathless. I am so honored to receive this award for my Hydraskin elixir.

I have spoken to thousands of people since I started using this oil on my face. Above all, I love the effects it has on my skin and the fragrance simultaneously calms me as I apply it.

I love the way I am aging. It’s a privilege for me to be able to share my products with my customers. I want them to love their own skin too.

I don’t look at my own wrinkles because I can’t really see any! And I love to meet up with my customers and see the huge improvements in their skin.

Mothers are also using Hydraskin elixir for acne on their teenagers rather than using the chemical based gels from the pharmacy.


There are so many chosen oils in my Hydraskin Elixir. As a result at least one of the oils in my blend will be able to provide the right ingredient to help solve many skin problems.

That’s what I love the most about what I do. I don’t promise hope in a bottle, I educate people about ‘why’ it works and which oils in the Hydraskin Elixir formula will assist with their skin.

I’m so happy the more and more people are understanding the benefits of oils on their skin. I have been talking about this for nearly a decade. My great great grandmother used to heal people from the surrounding regions with plants and poultices. I am so lucky to be able to learn about these traditions and further research. The purest form of nourishment for the skin comes from plants. I believe what I see. And I see the miracle of plant oils on the body every day. “

Oil Quality

Image result for essential oils

Highlights of this hydrating elixir are the quality of the oils. Importantly, cold pressed carrier oils deliver balanced minerals and vitamins to the skin. Prized wild harvested helichrysum oil, has been used traditionally to rapidly heal and repair damaged skin. The anti-bacterial family of lavender, eucalyptus, cypress and rosemary that helps with sebum control and skin break-outs. Science has discovered that German Chamomile is one of the best anti-inflammatory essential oils.

Moreover, the ingredients in Hydraskin Elixir especially provide almost any answer for any skin type. The most common are usually problems with t-zone oily or dry skin, large pores and acne. Oh, did I mention calendula for scarring and carrot seed oil for increasing skin cell renewal?

Give this Hydraskin Elixir a try. You will be pleasantly surprised and glad you did!

Read the judges reviews here.

Get yours here.

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