Fresca Natural saves airplane passengers from body odor

Body odor
Body odor

Fresca Natural deodorants saves airplane passengers from body odor.

Customer email

I love a good giggle and an email I received from a customer this week really gave my tummy muscles a work out.

A returning customer shared a recent car trip with her son. Fiona from New South Wales, classifies herself as a second or third time customer, depending on how you look at it. She’s delighted with Fresca Natural deodorants and finds them clean, crisp and fresh. She loves the fact that the natural deodorants doesn’t burn her skin or make her armpits sore.

I’m more than happy to learn of her experience, especially because that’s why we also love our deodorants so much. They are totally safe and love your skin and body.

Body odor out!

However, she then enlightened me about her son. She writes, ” My adult son, with awful body odour, was transformed when I insisted he put some on (deodorant) as we drove to the airport. Immediately there was no odor and that was some achievement!

So much so, that I sent him about 4 different smelling bottles in Victoria, to be sure he used it! Because eww, men who imagine body odour is sexy for everyone is simply wrong! Well done Fresca – Happy returning customer.”

Thank you Fiona for saving your son and the passengers on the airplane! I am sure they are completely unaware of the unpleasantness you saved them from!

The main reason that you start to smell is due to the skin loving bacteria feasting on your perspiration as your body cools itself . With Fresca Natural deodorants, the aerated salt in our formula, stops this immediately because it creates a nice and balanced skin environment that the bacteria cannot thrive in.

Body Odor in Airplanes

But on the not so funny side of things, body odor in airplanes is a serious issue. In January this year, American Airlines removed a family from a flight for body odour. So how do you deal with a smelly passenger? It’s an uncomfortable topic. It’s a little like mental health in that no one really wants to talk about it. I have experienced this myself in planes and often wonder whether I should quick-draw-MacGraw a deodorant bottle from my bag and share some sweet smelling love.

In all seriousness though, airlines can really kick someone off for smelling bad. It’s part of their ‘contracts of carriage’ that allow and airline to remove a passenger if other passengers could become sickened by their odour. However, if it happens to you and you are not sure what to do, ask one of the cabin crew to move you to another seat if possible.

So if you encounter anyone who needs assistance in the odor department, share your bottle if you dare! Or gift them a bottle of one of our gorgeous unisex blends. With Ocean, Wooden Spice, Citrus Fresh and Unscented to choose from, I’m sure that you’ll find one scent to suit. Oh, and Fresca Natural deodorants are also travel compliant as carry on baggage. I always carry a bottle with me and one in my check-in luggage.

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