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Better than Schmidt’s and with Sandalwood

‘A half a notch better than the Schmidt’s, and that’s saying something. ‘

Kat Shepsutt, an IT professional and Australian blogger in her early 60’s. With an unbridled passion for colour, skincare, fragrance and jewelry, she has rated Fresca’s Wooden Spice natural deodorant better than Schmidt’s, saying it’s a Winner! With the added benefits of oils that have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, you can have peace of mind.

A personal wearing experience

And that’s saying something! I was intrigued to read Kat’s 4 part review on natural deodorants. It was a personal wearing experience that she trialed in the heat, out of her air conditioned office over weekends and being active.

Fresca Natural's Wooden spice deodorant contains sandalwood. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil.
Fresca Natural’s Wooden spice deodorant contains sandalwood. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil.

First of all, she states that (Fresca’s Wooden Spice) it’s a mess-free roll-on, it’s in a squat topple-free container, and then there’s the fragrance – yasssss!

Delightfully aromatic and earthy

She writes, ” I may be weird but I actually prefer the smell of men’s deodorant, and this one is a beauty. The scent comes from essential oils only. Sandalwood, carrot seed, cedar wood, chamomile, frankincense and cold-pressed lime, no wonder I love it. I don’t find it blokey at all, just delightfully aromatic and earthy.

No alcohol or aluminium

No alcohol or aluminium and not tested on animals, this not only keeps my pits pong-free all day and night, but also seems to absorb a lot of the wetness (aerated salt content?) so I’m comfortable whatever I’m doing, or how hot it gets. Wow, it even has a use-by-date, and there’s a big red tick on the back that says Naturopath Recommended. It’s a bit pricey (still cheaper than the Schmidt’s), but I’m willing to pay extra for the guarantee of staying fresh and stink-free all day. 9.5/10″.

As we mature, I think we really start to listen to what our body’s tell us. So I for one am very glad to have read this genuine, unbiased and non-commissioned review. I found out about Kat from speaking to another Aussie Blogger who had read Kat’s review. Thank you Kat.

I think it’s worth a mention that Fresca’s deodorants are only fragranced with Elda Kingston’s signature blend of essential oils. Each of her oils in the 7 fragrances range have been profiled for skin sensitivity. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they offer many Ayurveda and traditional body benefits. Wooden spice includes sandalwood from West Australian farms, i think this is great to support farmers who would otherwise dispose of this wood. .

Benefits of Sandalwood

If you want to dive deeper into Fresca’s natural deodorants, learn about the other great body benefits of essential oils. Sandalwood for instance is a marvelous anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil. Carrot seed is also known for healthy skin cell rejuvenation. So Fresca Natural’s products are not just natural deodorants, they are good for you!

According to some of the benefits of sandalwood essential may promote mental clarity, may relieve anxiety, stress and depression. It’s also anti-viral and antiseptic. So you see, our deodorant is more like a health product for your body and your mind.

If you would like to see Kat’s full 4 part deodorant review on her blog, just click here. Happy rolling folks!

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