I swapped over my deodorant

Today we did a repost from a customer who calls herself “theskinelf”. I am so happy to learn that one by one, each of us is making a better change for our skin and body.

Here is her post:

FIVE YEARS Ago I made the move across to organic skincare. One of the first products I swapped over was my deodorant. Gradually I swapped everything over head to toe. Literally- shampoo to nail polish.

This deodorant (Fresca Natural pic) is amazing! Even my husband who exercises the house down loves the wooden spice and no smell afterwards!

Theskinelf is even so caring to mention that our citrus fresh flavour contains all safe essential oils for mums expecting bubs!

Thankyou thankyou thankyou for letting me know that “I swapped over my deodorant” five years ago.
You have made my day telling me how much you care for yourself.

Much love,
Elda xox