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Brand new store in Adelaide CBD

Congratulations to Hebe and Co for the opening of their brand new store in  Adelaide CBD, Regent Mall, South Australia.

Fresca Natural Stockist Regent Mall, Adelaide CBD

In Adelaide CBD, Hebe and Co stocking Fresca Natural Deodorants

Their eclectic collection of only natural, cruelty free and vegan beauty store is a testament to the trend to move away from the chemical laden products found everywhere else.

Fresca Natural is available and currently in stock for all our Adelaide customers who have been waiting with abated breath. Pop in and grab our award winning aromatherapy deodorants in a gorgeous and convenient central location.

Why is going natural important?

Many people that we survey have suggested that they don’t like all the chemicals in deodorants sold in stores generally. Unfortunately they have had health issues that have made them reconsider what they are putting under their arms. It’s fast becoming normal now to let your pits breathe and perspire. Our customers have said is that they really don’t sweat as much as they thought they would. So that’s a good thing. A little bit of alertness has empowered many to make the change and live a healthier lifestyle.

Does it really work?

This is the BIGGEST question that I am always asked is, “Does it really work?”

YES!  I have to say that my deodorants still have the optimum blend of salts and essential oils that neutralise odours, minimise the chance of  skin irritation and assist with detoxification through the sweat glands. More often than not, an armpit detox usually persists for about 10 days. In this time, many ‘nasties’ are being eliminated. Whilst it’s a great thing for your body, it does ask a little patience from you whilst your body gets busy getting rid of any build up.

Support your local

Fresca Natural deodorants are still hand made by me and my wonderful team in my workshop with love. We are very proud to be part of Hebe & Co’s new store. Stop by and take in the other great vegan, gluten free and Australian natural cosmetic and body care products that they have carefully handpicked. If you can’t get to their store or live in a different place, click to our online shop for your favourite natural deodorant and we will post your order out to you.

In good health always,

Elda xox


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