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Deodorant so natural it’s edible

Deodorant so Natural it’s edible

I was thinking about the array of personal hygiene items for sale. Well I found a deodorant so natural that it’s edible! Pretty amazing huh?.

Safe, healthy and good for your body, each bottle I make is a powerhouse of antibacterial goodness for your armpits. With the added bonus of pure aromatherapy essential oils, you are sure to stay fresh all day.

A fragrance a day keeps the smell away!

Fresca Natural deodorants made from Food Grade Ingredients

Fresca Natural deodorants made from Food Grade Ingredients

There are 7 irresistible fragrances to test your smelling buds, or one for each day of the week. The unscented blend is also enriched with Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for helping to heal and sooth the skin from many of the toxins that are eliminated through our sweat glands.

Paula Reed emailed me on Wednesday to thank me for the Unscented blend. Well I’d like to thank Paula for emailing me about her very long journey to finding Fresca Natural after the many natural deodorants that she has tried. It was a long search for her until she found one that didn’t irritate her skin. She wrote to me that her “…skin cleared up and I haven’t had any problems. I have found it very effective.”

My own natural deodorant journey sounded the same as Paula’s. I did literally wake up one morning with the idea that I would make a deodorant for myself that was natural, safe, made from food grade ingredients, didn’t irritate my skin and worked for me.

Long time user

I’m sure it’s the planet alignment this week as another email dropped into my inbox from a lovely man in the USA, Ben from North Carolina. He’s been my customer now for 2 years and prior to finding Fresca Natural, wasn’t able to find anything that worked for him without any irritation. Ben writes:

“Hi Elda,

We are loyal users of your products, including the Wooden Spice. I alternate it with the Ocean and really feel both are great scents for men. They last all day and do not lead to any irritation or reaction, as many deodorants have for me over the years.

Thanks again for making a great product,

– Ben , (Ben Aiken, Asheville, NC USA )”

I went back into my inboxes and re-read why so many more people use my deodorants. I’m really very humbled that something I created is now a daily favourite to so many people around the world.

Healthy Choices

Fresca Natural is safe for Children

Fresca Natural is safe for Children

It’s really starting to gel with people now that all the chemicals around us really do affect our health. It’s been a slow burn for this to present itself to many of us.  I am very hopeful that the swell of emotion will build and that more and more people will start to live their lives in the healthiest ways they can. From the products they buy, to the food they eat and even the furniture (and how it is sourced) that we fill our homes with.

Every little change will affect another change. It’s all about our intent really. Let’s keep moving our thoughts in this way. It’s very important. Deodorant so natural it’s edible ? Who would’ve thought? Well it’s true and I’m very grateful for those who have found my products, recommended them to their family and friends, and help themselves make better choices for their lives.

Want to find out more?

If you would like to read more about my  customers’ experiences, please click here.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

In good health always,


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