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Group Fitness Trainer

I spoke with my friend Diamante on the weekend who is a group fitness trainer. She is always telling me to ‘pull my finger out’ and convert all of my amazing ideas into products that I should share with people. ” Put them on your website!” she tells me. Well telling me is the polite way of how she speaks to me. (I’m sure you have a friend like her- means well but tells you straight up to give you the shock factor!)

Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Natural deodorants work

Anyhow, the conversation continues and she tells me that she was at a¬†clothing party and the topic of deodorant came up. Diamante is not one to mince her words (that’s why I love her so much). Apparently she was quite quick to defend my deodorants in the conversation. The party host said that no natural deodorants work. She had tried them all.

Like a red flag to a bull, Diamante politely rose to the occasion and in her most diplomatic voice, corrected her. Telling her that she teaches 9 classes a week and Fresca is the only natural deodorant that she uses.

So first I need to thank my wonderful friend for the shout out (it probably was a high voiced opinion). Secondly, she is a group fitness instructor and if it didn’t work for her, she would be poking me in the ribs telling me to fix it!!

So I guess the moral of the story is Fresca deodorant works, so use it. But if you are not sure, give it a go anyway.

Thanks “D” – my life would be so boring without you.

Love you loads,
Elda xox

PS: She uses the Wooden Spice and Unscented deodorants.