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Mother’s Day Flowers in deodorants

Flowers add a special touch

Mother’s day flowers add a special touch to making a special day. What is the essence of your mum? Nuturing? Loving? Spicey? Funny?  Which flower reminds you of your mum?  Because she is always loving, perhaps roses? When we have been in a panic, she always knows which calming words to say (perhaps lavender?). If we are nervous, the scent of her warm and reassuring hug heals us from within.

Lavender and Geraniums

Be it lavender, bright geraniums or the uplifting essence of citrus trees in bloom, there is always a smell that takes us straight back to out mother.

Whichever her flower, let’s celebrate Mother’s day with flowers, with our  with our 15% store wide discount.

Give flowers this mother’s day. Thousands of flowers are in every product that we create.

lavender, geranium and rose blends