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Tips for Improving Productivity and Focus

Everyone has trouble focusing from time to time—it’s a common occurrence for the human brain to get distracted. However, there are several ways to make sure you stay on-task, alert, and your most productive while working or accomplishing your goals. Follows these tips for improving productivity and focus to get more done in less time!

Keep a list.

Every type A personality will stress to you the importance of making a list and crossing items off when done, and this is for a reason. Lists are effective, helping you map out your day productively, especially if you have several tasks on your plate. Making a list not only helps you avoid forgetting things, but it gives a great sense of accomplishment when you can see what you have gotten done.


Limit distractions.

While this may be obvious for some, others may not realize the sheer volume of distractions available at your fingertips. When you’re focused on a task, stay on that task. It’s best not to stop to check email or social media, watch a quick video, or stop by and talk to your neighbor. Save those things for breaks, and set down the phone or close the browser until you finish your task and cross it off your list!


Plan your schedule.

Each person has times during the day of being more and less alert—for example, many people notice a “crash” or lack of energy after lunch or sometime mid-afternoon. This doesn’t mean you can’t still be productive, but your best bet is to plan your tougher or high-attention tasks for times you’re more alert and the tasks that don’t take as much brain power for the low-energy times. If you’re not sure when your best times are, start keeping a journal and note your energy levels and times of day, and you’ll begin to see a pattern you can effectively plan around.


Use aromatherapy.

Improving productivity and focus with Citrus Fresh Deodorant

Improving productivity and focus with Citrus Fresh Deodorant

Essential oils can be greatly beneficial for increasing productivity and are an excellent caffeine-free way to improve energy and mental clarity. Citrus oils such as lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, and mandarin awaken the mind and the senses, helping to think and work better. In fact, researchers have discovered that inhaling essential oils while working helps to reduce workplace errors. Our Citrus Fresh deodorant contains several of these oils to balance, uplift, and boost your mood as well. Some other essential oils that help with focus are lavender, peppermint, basil, cypress, ylang-ylang, and many more. There are several ways to utilize oils, but the best options are to apply to wrists or temples with a roller ball or diffuse into the air around you. You still get all these benefits which help with improving productivity from our Citrus Fresh Deodorant as the oils still lift into the air on application. 


Take breaks.

Depending on your job, taking breaks may be a mandatory part of your workday. But this applies to tasks you do at home or elsewhere as well; taking a short break every so often can reset your mind and increase your focus when you return to your task. If you’re sitting at a desk, get up and walk around for 5–10 minutes every hour or two; even better, take a quick walk outside and get some fresh air. You’ll find yourself feeling renewed and more readily able to return to your aromatherapy-scented, well-planned, and distraction-free workspace.


Do you have any tips for improving productivity and focus? Let us know in the comments!


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