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I Survived Hot Yoga with Ocean

“I survived Hot Yoga with Ocean,” describes Rose Howard’s experience with Fresca’s Ocean natural deodorant.

Was this deodorant going to perform?

‘Fresca’s roll on contains aerated salts and essential oils, which are super effective at wicking sweat and combating the bacteria that produces unseemly odours. After reading reviews online, I sat that this formula was a winner among athletes and people who sweat a lot for work, so I rolled some on, left if for a minute to dry before getting changed and heading over to hot yoga. Suffice to say, by the end of the hour I was swimming in the sum of my efforts but still smelling and feeling fresh as a sea breeze.’


Words, Rose Howard- Reviewer/Blogger

The File


Independent Review

This independent review was posted on 25 May 2018 on The File. 

Five deodorants were reviewed by Rose Howard. All were natural deodorant products.

This review was unsolicited.

‘I am thrilled to be included in their list of recommended natural deodorants,’ Elda Kingston, Founder


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