Which natural deodorant for my child?

Ocean natural deodorant is great for childrens

Today I received a call from a mother asking, “Which natural deodorant for my child would you recommend?” This mum was asking for her 7 year old daughter and didn’t want to choose a deodorant with any chemicals. It seems that this is a growing concern for many parents with children around that age as I meet many mum’s and dad’s who are asking me at market stalls about this too. I was very happy to speak with this lady and suggested Fresca Natural’s Wild Lavender deodorant.

Safe essential oils

The reasons being is that the essential oils in the Wild Lavender blend are very soothing for the skin, have anti- inflammatory benefits and help with mood and mind. It is the best one for young girls and the fragrance is somewhat musky- which reminds me of those musk lollies I used to by from the delicatessen or milk bar when I was that age. They were only half a cent back then!

If you are wondering about a suitable fragrance for boys of that age, I would recommend the Ocean for their young skin.

Thought I would share my story today with you.
Take care of your body- you only get one!
Elda xox

Wild Lavender Deodorant recommended for 7 yr old girl

Wild Lavender Deodorant recommended for 7 yr old girl