The effects of deodorant on your body

The effects of deodorant on your body

As a formulator of my own natural deodorant products, I am hearing more people understand why the effects of deodorant on your body is becoming an important topic.

When I first started my business 7 years ago, the most common issue people had was that natural deodorants didn’t work for them.  While they were enticed to pick up my smelling pots at my table I asked them if they had tried mine or others and what they thought of them. Their feedback was not very encouraging of from their past experiences. So I would tell them my story about my Fresca Natural deodorants and why I was there that day. I would share my knowledge about the impact on your body when you block your sweat glands. I didn’t stop.  It was the same feedback where ever I went.

The most important

Deodorant has been marketed since the 1970’s as a commodity product for your body. Not glamorous like a hot red lipstick, or a new parfum you just spent half your pay on. I mean, is talking about your deodorant over a coffee with your friends high on the list? I think it should be. Deodorant in my opinion is the most important product you put on your body. Fresca Natural deodorants, don’t block your sweat glands. They smell amazing. Fresca deodorants are good for your body. My deodorants are healthy for your body.

You don’t think about putting on deodorant

Why were people putting chemicals under their arms that block their sweat glands? From the thousands of people I have spoken to over the years, I have the answer. They just don’t think about it. It’s the same as getting up in the morning, going to the toilet, checking the alarm clock, seeing if you are running late, brushing your teeth and on goes the deodorant. What? You don’t think about putting on deodorant? That’s right. The lid comes off and on it goes! Did you even think about it? The answer is NO.

Winner of a national beauty award

Well my natural deodorants work great. I have made the most perfect essential oil blends to complement my salt based roll on lovelies. I didn’t smell after landscaping my garden on a 40 degree day so why would anyone else? The effect was that it was so good that I won a national award 6 months after I started with a national magazine. I kept asking myself: If the people at the magazine tested my products with their judging panel, and they put my deodorants at the number one spot for performance, why wasn’t there a rush for people to change over to aluminium free?

Hand made from food grade ingredients

Best of all, my deodorants are made from food grade ingredients. Since there are gorgeous essential oils blends in each one to flatter every body, no matter what their activity levels, there is one to suit anyone. I feel totally inspired when someone uses a Fresca Natural deodorant because they are looking after their body. I want you to feel your best as a result and most of all safe in knowing that what you put on your pits is protection not infection.

Thank you

To everyone that has tried and loves my natural deodorants, thank you. You are looking after yourself. Letting your friends know about Fresca Natural is something that I am very grateful for. Reducing the stress on your body  most of all means that you have de-stressed your armpits. Furthermore if you know someone who can benefit from using a natural deodorant rather than their current brand, please send them this link

Finally, I am always listening to what my customers say. It seems like they are also listening. Today when I see my customers, it is they who are sharing their knowledge about using natural deodorants with their family and friends.

If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?


Elda xox