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Sarah and Fresca safe and sound

Sarah and Fresca safe and sound with all natural deodorant ingredients
Sarah and Fresca safe and sound.

It’s the height of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world and we read about the sad and frustrating news daily. So how do you keep sound and sound? Even in Australia, what looked to be a win over the invisible virus, is again on the rise and causing so much anxiety and havoc.

It’s so important to me to try to give some ‘normal-ness’ to people’s lives which has been turned upside down. The least we can do it keep doing what we do best but that’s been hard. What a struggle it is to get mail sent out across the world because flights have been limited. However online shopping for many online businesses is going through its own hysteria and we are nail biting trying to understand what’s going on with the post!

Safe and Sound

So when I received this email from Sarah in California, I was so happy that she was safe and sound, and that receiving her deodorants brought a huge smile to her day! Sarah writes, “Almost two months later and it’s here! I’m so excited and so is my friend who shared the order. It’s just what I get for taking a break and trying USA brands, nothing compares and I’ll never abandon Fresca again!”

So many people write to us about their love for Fresca Natural’s deodorants, so I’d like to share a few secrets about why it’s so good.

Firstly, it’s made from all natural ingredients. No hidden nasties, and is so safe for your body that you could eat it! Yes, I did just write that. It won’t appear on the menu of your favourite restaurant, naturally, but it’s one of our highest values, to offer the most natural products for your body that are actually good for you.

Non-toxic award

Any of our products have everything you’ll ever need in a natural performing deodorant, a non-toxic award winning facial serum and of course new body oils for mood and muscle fatigue. Don’t risk the toxins in other products on yourself. The real results we get are direct from mother nature. Tried, tested and true.

So look after yourself and your health better, try any of our safe and effective natural products. Our promise to you is to give you the very best of what we do, everyday.

International and domestic parcels

Oh and by the way, most international and domestic parcels are pretty much back to normal delivery times. All orders placed through our online shop have full track and trace capability, no matter where you are!

Take care. Love each other. Show kindness.

Elda xox

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